Monday, March 3, 2008

high of the day is 79 degrees

I declared this past Friday the first day of the year that it was A-OK and smiled upon to wear a skirt without tights- and with flip flops to boot!

Man, if this isn't a sign of global warming, what is?! 79 degrees in February? Even though we're in the middle of Cali, that's craziness! Maybe it can be blamed on the fact that it was the leap day?

Usually I feel as if I am always off on calling the weather: I wear a tank top and it's freezing outside or I wear my new favorite sweater and I end up sweating up a storm (eww). But on Friday my outfit was perfect for the bright, sunshiny day. I guess I was proud of the fact that, I, uh, listened to the weather report rather than trying to glance out my window in my rush of a morning and predict the temperature of the day from the patterns of the clouds.

Ha- don't you love how WHITE my little legs are?! And they will stay almost that white all summer. It's funny how it used to be desirable to stay lily white but now it's a disgrace- and people say "Get a tan!" But I've decided to embrace it-- I think everyone should embrace whatever beautiful shade they are and work it! Although I sorta miss my tights already (I REALLY got into the bright tights trend this season. Loved it! In blue, pink, yellow & red) it was so nice to have the freedom to be tight-free! So breezy and kick-back.

Anyways, the office where I work is a strange, strange place but one of the things I think is most hilarious is that my best three work buddies can often be found playing badminton on their 15-minute breaks and sometimes their lunches too.

These kids are hardcore though- they'll play in winter but worst of all, in the lovely summer Fresno heat when it's 110 degrees. Yep, they're psycho! But on Friday there was no better day for badminton and I happily joined them. Somehow the badminton net was down (what did I tell you, they're hardcore!) or I would have taken some action shots but I think playing without the net just didn't provide the right photo-opt.

And over at John's office, that lucky bum gets off work at 11:30 on Fridays since they work nine hour days Monday thru Thursday and only four hours on Friday. When the weather is nice John and his work buddies can be found playing golf after work on Fridays. I guess Friday was a good day to be a sporto... And the outdoor fun continues...

Fridays are also more laid back at my office and so I was able to get off work about an hour early. I raced home through Friday traffic (or what we consider traffic. I HATE driving home for 20 mins, I can't even imagine L.A. traffic!) so John and I could go for a bike ride.

My parents surprised me, John and my lil sister Amy with cruiser bikes this past Christmas and so John and I have been really into taking leisurely bike rides around the neighborhood. I'm so excited that it's becoming spring and for daylight savings because we have been limited to biking on the weekend because it's been dark when we get off work during the week. YAY for the days that go on forever! I can't wait! Go away short winter days! AKA seasonal affective disorder!

John and I went for a short bike ride around the neighborhood but I first changed into some shorts and slip on shoes. I left on my new scarf (too addicted to old navy!) and earrings and it made me feel like I was in the movie "Now and Then." Those '70s girlies were always riding around on their bikes wearing cute scarves and shorts. I love that movie... Ooh! and since we were just riding around the neighborhood we didn't wear helmets. (Shh! Don't tell my dad, he'll freak out!) Shorts... no helmet... perfect temperature outside- does it get any better?! So carefree!

Here's John's drawing of me: Thanks Johnny! XoXo. Gotta love that cartoonist husband!

Alas, the perfect weather didn't last and for the rest of the weekend it was around 65 degrees(which is still pretty dang perfect, just more windy rather than sunny) or so. Are you loving my little weather report?! Ha! Actually I'm pretty thankful for that- as much as I loved the weather on Friday, it really only means one thing-- the hot hot summer is way too close. Ahh! And I want that to stay away as long as possible. Dang, somehow I need to find a way to move to the beach where it's always around 70 degrees. That would be the life! Oh well, for now I'll enjoy spring here in good olFresberg! Yay, spring is so exciting! What is YOUR fav season?

Went for another bike ride on Sunday! Whoo hoo for biking and the weekend! Loving it!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! And hope your Monday is going as awesome as a Monday can be!


FoodFashionFetish said...

I'm so jealous you got a cruiser bike for Christmas. I saw some super cute ones at the Paul Frank store recently and desperately want one. And definitely embrace the white'll appreciate it later on in life. That's what I'm told anyway.

Sarah said...

waaah I am so jealous of your bike-mine got stolen and I so badly want to take a ride around the neighborhood :( I am glad at least one Sarah is able to cruise around

mrs.shelton said...


i LOVE that you embrace your ivory skin. i will never understand baking yourself in the sun! never! you are going to have the most gorgeous pristine skin when we're old--jealous!

i adore the cartoon that johnny drew of you, i think its so keyyute that he draws you!! i want a little cartoon my birthday--ya hear johnny? that would delite me to no end!

i rode my bike with my kiddo every afternoon last week and was in HEAVEN! sadly i didnt burn off as many calories as i was hungrily inhaling after the bike ride was over but it was such a joy to be out in that sunshine!!

your pictures all turned out adorable! look at you with your photog eye! and that springy skirt? ridiculously cute, i want some stems like yours so i can wear things of that sort! tights and leggings are a godsend to girls who's legs are ravaged with stretch marks from childbirth and cellulite from hell! LOL!!

you know i've always loved those legs of yours, show em off baby!

John Rios said...

Haha! Great post honey! Yep, aint nothin' better than a "Now & Then" kinda bike ride! We have to get them bike racks and head on over to Woodward Park and take a bike trail! I can see that becoming my new favorite weekend activity! And no matter what anyone tells ya, I love your little white legs.