Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Wanna know a funny story? Yesterday I threw away my wedding ring!
(Don't you love how that was totally "Pulp Fiction" and I just told you the end of the story at the beginning? Well, that's not totally the end... Anyways...)

I was getting ready for work and decided to clean my ring (shown in that lovely picture on my wedding day. Do you love it?) with Elva's Jewel Joy.

Oh man, just the name of that product cracks me up! Does it bring the customer joy? Or what about the jewels? Or maybe it just brings Elva joy to know her product is cleaning so many jewels. I bought it last year at the Big Fresno Fair (woo! I can't wait for the fair this year! I wonder if Elva peddles her wares at other fairs?) and the girl who sold it to me reminded me exactly of Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. She was too funny. But instead of telling me how boondoggle keychains are "a must-have for this season's fashion," the Jewel Joy girl told me with the most serious expression how the jewel joy would work for all my jewel needs and "what more could I want" or something to that effect. Well, it was funny, trust me.

This is how you clean your ring with the squirt bottle of Jewel Joy: squirt it on your jewelry, rinse with water and then dry with a tissue. So I did all that and left the ring in the tissue while I finished getting ready cuz I didn't want to dirty it with hair product, etc.

Then I was in a rush to get out the door, late as always and I forgot to put my ring back on. At work my finger felt naked without my ring- my hands looked so single! Haha. When I got home I went to find the tissue with my ring in it-- and the tissue was gone!

Turns out that in my rush out the door I must have seen the tissue on the bathroom counter and done some last minute tidying by throwing it right into the trash! So, (eww) I started sifting through the tissues on the top of the trashcan and I found my ring. It was a funny feeling to see my ring in the trash can!

John didn't think it was so funny though and told me, "You know, if you loose it, we're not just going to buy you another one." Oh, Johnny... Haha.

Well, thank goodness we're not so much neat freaks because I wouldn't have thought it was so funny if one of us had taken out that trashcan! (hah, fat chance of that!) Oh man. That reminds me of this past Christmas Eve when I was digging through the dumpster of our apartment at midnight, looking for my paycheck and a bonus of two $100 bills. That's a whole other story!

Oh man. Sounds like I should be more careful with my stuff! I'm such a scatterbrain sometimes. At least that fault of mine makes for some good stories!

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday!

p.s. That picture was taken by Jimaie, one of my besties! She captured some great pictures at the wedding! Seriously, she should pursue photography!
p.p.s. I swear I don't work for Elva! Haha. Sounds like I'm a little Jewel Joy infomercial, huh?!


John Rios said...

NOT FUNNY! Do you know how much bone I have to work my fingers to affording that thing?! LOTS. LOTS OF BONE. Anyhoo, glad you found it sweetums! And climbing through the trash on X-mas was NO FUN EITHER.

mrs.shelton said...

i cant believe you threw it away!
you knoooow, it's pretty much johnny's fault and here's why.

fact: john's the one who gets on your case for leaving the counters messy yes?

fact: you started tidying up after yourself to be a good wife & please your mate.

fact: before johnny fussed you would've never thrown away that tissue! it wouldve sat on the counter all darn day ;)

then again, it's prob best that you threw it away b/c if it HAD sat on the counter your cats would've ATE it. hungry winnie!!

kudos to me for taking that hot shot of your fancy wedding fingers! that was such a great weekend, get married again!! i declare a do-over! with johnny rios OF COURSE!

oh and i love how you plugged Elva's Jewel Joy AND gave mention to exactly how to use it--ha!!

oh wow. that was a doozy of a comment eh?

Sarah Marie said...

Jimaie--yes, you're totally right- it's SOOO John's fault! haha.

and i think it would be a BLAST to re-do the wedding!

Or- we should give you and TJ a proper wedding! How about in Hawaii this Christmas?!

mrs.shelton said...

Ooo! Wedding in Hawaii! i'm likin the sound of this!! would you come if i did it? how totally cool would THAT be?

Sarah said...

heh heh, poor John. My Jon would be very upset as well. He would also continually remind me of the event as a reason not to buy me more jewelry. I hope you don't suffer the same consequences!

John Rios said...

Holy cram Shelton! That's the biggest load -o- crap ever! You women are always finding ways to spreading the blame! Hahaha! Though it is true that I get on Sarah to clean up that counter. Man, you ladies will have to teach me that "it's actually YOUR fault" trick! Could come in handy!
And thanks Sarah (the "not my wife" Sarah)! Glad to see my peeved-ness wasn't unwarranted. :D