Wednesday, February 27, 2008

snowy shaver lake saturday

This past weekend I really, really wanted to go to the beach because the weekend before that John and I spent the weekend laying around the house like slugs because we were sick as dogs. (What does that expression even mean? Why are the dogs sick?) All we did was cough, sneeze, complain about sore throats and watch movies/TV and sleep and sleep some more. BORING! Usually I love just lazing around the house and relaxing during the weekend but I was sick of our apartment and my legs hurt from laying around so much.

So, after having the flu that-- if you believe Ryan Seacrest, the knower of all things,--apparently was "one of the worst cold and flu seasons in American history" -- we were ready for the sunny carefree beach. Only problem was that, just like it was pouring cats and dogs (there are those animals again!) in Fresno, Calif., it was also supposed to rain at the beach.

Since we weren't down for driving 2 1/2 hours to get to a rainy beach our plans were canned. And I was super bummed because I really wanted to have an adventure. After sleeping in on Saturday I thought there was no way anything exciting was going to come of this weekend -- until I convinced John to be spontaneous and go with me on a mini-road trip to the snow!

John is so funny cuz he's a big-o-baby about the snow- he HATES it. I have been begging him all season to go to the snow. And, don't get me wrong- I don't love it and I don't ski, snowboard or any of that jazz, but I think it's fun to go play in for a bit.

What's awesome and that I often forget is that the foothills and the snow (in winter. Duh) is less than an hour away. So that made leaving for the snow at 2 p.m. a possibility. I'm glad we didn't plan the trip though because I think being spontaneous is often way more fun. And even though it's great to look forward to a trip, sometimes there's just too much pressure once you're on the trip to have a good time.

So we got all bundled up, ate some sandwiches real quick at our fav. sandwich shop (Deli Delicious. and is it ever!) and we were off! The drive up was so, so beautiful. With a break in the rain the skies were so clear, everything looked fresh and clean.

As the city drifted away and we got into the foothills the whole world looked green! John and I had a blast just taking in the scenery and listening to Belle and Sebastian's "The Life Pursuit." It was pretty dang romantic...

And in no time there was SNOW! Just the fact that in only an hour there was glistening snow, sticking to the trees and falling on our car and then our faces made it seem that much more magical. We pulled over on the side of the road and dorked around, taking pictures and being silly. We threw a couple snowballs and I tried to make a mini snowman- you know, regular snow stuff.

When we were way too cold we went into the town of Shaver Lake and went to this awesome place called "The Hungry Hut"-- it's this random little shack that serves burgers and fries and such. You would think that we might want hot chocolate or something to warm up- But nope, we opted to share a chocolate milkshake... and a side of crisscross fries. Oh man, so bad for you- but so yummy! That place has the best shakes.

Next we wandered into a random antique store that had really random over priced crap. So then we tried our luck by going to the cute shop next door and ended up buying two bars of soap-- Vanilla Oatmilk and Ocean/Seaweed. They are very pretty and from France! Made in France just makes everything seem fancier and more desirable.

We headed back to the car and had another adventure getting back home since I forgot to write down the reverse directions and we got a little lost. But it was fun because I had nowhere to be but hanging out with my boy on a lovely rainy/snowy Saturday.


Sarah said...

aww that looks like a lot of fun! I love spontaneous trips like that-how do they end up always being so romantic?

mrs.shelton said...

2 things about this story made me laugh.

#1 that you got lost coming home from SHAVE LAKE!! LOL i love you guys.

#2 that you ate at the Hungry know what us mountain folks call that place? "The Hungry Slut."
yeah, i knew you'd love that. i wont divulge the reasons why we dont eat there since you enjoyed it so much ;) hehe!!!

Aren't spontaneous road trips the best? i miss taking them since it's hard to be spontaneous with munchkins in tow--i'm jealous!

The pictures cracked me up! i think my favorite two are you making your "snow angel" and johnny with his fistfulls of snow LOL! i love it!

John said...

I have no idea how anyone can think anything but good of The Hungry Hut. The ladies in there were so nice and the food was YUM.

Oh and we saw where you used to work Jimaie! Haha! I hear you met TJ there! Cuuuute! Were you wearing a little apron? Adorable.

Shan&Andrew said...

hey girl! i'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog! your's it a hoot! it's fun meeting bloggin' buddies! keep in touch!