Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I need these shoes!!!

Guys, I'm still working on the same cover story for work that I talked about on Friday. No, I didn't get any work done on it over the weekend. And apparently, all of Monday flew by and all it left me with with was a big o headache but not much written on my page. Ugh! Oh that dang procratination. Stupid writer's block -- I hate you!!!

So instead of kicking that article's butt, I am writing this blog post to tell you all about the shoes that I absolutely cannot go on living without. Never mind that it's the end of the month and I'm not too pleased with our bank account balance. Never mind that I'm going on a pricey trip this weekend (more on that later)!

Last Friday, Le Petit Chic linked to the most adorable shoe of. all. time.

** These are from Target (oh bless your heart Target, you've been selling some crappy shoes lately--good job for stepping it up!!) and are only $19.99. Bargain! Women's Xhilaration Sugar Mary Jane Pumps. Click here to buy them. **

And then She Likes Purple linked to it too and wrote that after seeing it on Le Petit Chic's blog she just HAD to have em because they were both a) cute and b) cheap. She promptly went out and bought them. I think that those were VERY good reasons and that I should own them too!!! I need them in my closet and on my feet! Also, third time's a charm, right!? So it's fate that I should get them too!

EEee! I just called FOUR Targets and nobody has em. Grrr. Can you tell that I can get kinda obsessive?! I suppose I can order them online but it's a bummer not to try them on and see them in person first (hee...Pleased to meet you cute yellow shoes!) and I don't wanna pay S&H.

It might just come down to that though. I love the yellow color -- so bright and happy! And the heel is only 2 1/4", which means it's possible that I can walk in them and not look like a dweeb. Maybe.

Wait a second? Shipping will take 2-6 weeks?! I don't know if I can wait that long! Woe is me... writer's block and no new yellow shoes. Waa :( Oh man, I really am such a silly! I think I've been staring at these shoes for FAR too long. Are they even cute anymore? Do they run true to size? I'm going mad! Ok, I'm getting on my article and I'm going to try to stop thinking about shoes!

OMG Shoes!!!

***p.s. Update- I just ordered those shoes! I can't wait for them to get here!***


jimaie.marie said...

tell me you did not just link to that video- ROFLMAO!!! hilarious. you're such a crackhead.

those shoes REALLY are some of the cutest EVER!

get them!!

p.s i hate your word verification

jimaie.marie said...

ha you ordered them, i can't wait to see theme either!

p.s. I TAGGED you! go check out my blog to see! ;)

John Rios said...

Geez, you sound like you REALLY need them shoes! I guess they are pretty sweet...

Tipp said...

I love Le Petit Chic! She has some great finds!

Ashley said...

I just got them too! :)

and i may have gotten some greenish brown and white shoes form old navy too... :) just maybe

they are so cute

jimaie.marie said...

did they come yet? did they? did they??