Thursday, April 3, 2008

congrats are in order

I would just like to say "CONGRATS!" to my sweet and dashing husband, Johnny!

You know, this guy!
(This picture is somewhat old, taken maybe 3 years ago? But I love it! Aint he cute?!)

John just recently celebrated the 400th strip of his comic, Dead Days. Woo! Proud of you, husband!

Click on it (duh) to see it big. Or click here to see the rest of his comics! Here's the archive.

400 comics is an impressive number. It's really interesting to see how the comic has progressed over the years and how John has really gotten his technique down. Take for example the very first Dead Days- here- it looks SO different!!

Well, I guess I should start at the beginning and tell you guys that John started doing the comic maybe 7 years ago (Whoa!) at our college, Fresno State University. At the time he was also doing political cartoons and artwork to go with different opinion pieces for the college newspaper, The Collegian. (In addition to his regular school work and a 25 hour job. You're awesome, Johnny!) The editor at the paper suggested John give a comic strip a try-- he took the plunge and now when he's not working as a graphic designer or hanging out with me and the kitties, he's still churning out a comic a week for his Web site.

The comic strip stars two college guys-- they don't have names but one dude has blond hair, the other brown. Also featured are brownie's GF, Sandy, and the love interest of blondie, Simone. Then there's the boys' cat and Math Major Man! Math Major Man is a fan favorite-- like his name suggests, he's a superhero specializing in math! What a stud!

Dead Days is all about what goes on in college life: roommates, studying, dating, partying, music, road trips, jury duty, surfing...and figuring out what you're going to do with your life.

Oh, and the strip is called Dead Days because at Fresno State, students always get the two week days before finals off. They're called Dead Days I suppose because nobody is on campus and the campus is dead. ?? Students are supposed to spend the time studying and cramming for exams and such but students like Brown & Blondie spend the time goofing off and partying.

My favorite series of the whole strip would have to be the shopping series. I bet you're not surprised by that! Ha!

Here's part #2 of 6 of the shopping series.

Funny tidbit about my relationship with Dead Days and Johnny. Before I met John at Fresno State I read the Collegian and his comic strip and I was kinda intimidated by whoever this John Rios character was! I thought he sounded really suave, smart and funny! (Haha, can you tell I like the nerdy guys?!) At the same time, I saw him around campus and I thought he was really cute and had a big o crush on him! (but I had no idea who he was.) Ok, now I'm kinda getting a little carried away with myself because that's a whole other story...

And now to conclude this really long post (as usual :/) thanks so much for reading my blog!!! And go check out John's comic!


John Rios said...

YAY! This post is all about me! And all I had to do was spend THOUSANDS of hours drawing comics. Fair trade I say. Thanks so much for the post Honey! Love you so! Oh, and read my strip everyone. I didn't get to 400 strips without some shameless promotion.

jimaie.marie said...

johnny you're such a celebrity!!

WHOA! look at dead days in it's newborn stage!! how cute!

i'm lovin the strip and the stripper, yikes! i mean, strip creator. love that guy :P


Aurore said...

Ohhh, I remember the beginning of Dead Days--I would look forward to it in the paper. I think that was around the time I first met John--I was totally stoked that such a nice guy made such rad work! Not an air of pretension about him; just a sweet smart guy!

Ashley said...

wow! That is so awesome. He is really talented! Congrats Johnny!

Did you take that photo of him? It too is super awesome.

FoodFashionFetish said...

congrats on 400, john! i read through a few and they are really very funny - very true of college life. oh how i miss those days!

Stephanie said...

I saw you mention Fresno on Ashley's blog so I had to come visit and after reading a bit and seeing this I had to comment. I actually went to Fresno State, 2003-2007. Though I must say I was that person who never read the Collegian unless I was early to a class that had one on the floor somewhere. But that is pretty cool! 400 is a lot! and what a small world it is :)