Friday, April 11, 2008

meet Rachel Roellke & Eric C. Coddington!

These are my friends, Eric C. Coddington and Rachel Roellke. Aren't they the cutest ever?! Btw, I had to introduce them with their full names because they're just that kind of folk- they're just that awesome! Seriously, as you can tell from this rad photo booth photo, they are two of the funniest, most fun and just so full of life people you'll ever meet. Ever!

When my sister, Amy, was in second grade, she was best friends with Rachel's little sister, Emily. Years later, when I was a freshman in high school (Woo! Go Tigers!) Rachel was a senior. I thought that Rachel was so freakin grownup and just plain cool. But now it's so nice that instead of thinking of Rachel as Emily's big sis, we are buddies. YAY! Awww, so cheesy!

Rachel is a teacher, an amazing singer, jewelry maker, beat boxer, writer... and the list goes on. At my wedding she and my dad (Hi Dad!) surprised me and John by playing the Dixie Chick's song, "Lullaby." I had never heard that song before and proceeded to bust into tears. (It's the sweetest song, have a listen!) Ooh, and she just started a new blog- here.

Her boy, Eric, is an awesome graphic designer/Web site designer extraordinaire, (who works with John now--How cute that the boys are work BFFs!) banjo playing, all around funny & sweet guy! And he wears such cool shoes that my dad copied him! Such a trend setter, that Eric C.! aka the Cod aka fishy!

The point of this post is the video below. Now, maybe I just think it's swell because I know Rachel and it cracks me up that she has always been such a little ham. BUT-- I have the feeling that you guys are going to love it too. Try it out! You won't be disappointed! (And I swear that it's better than the crack fox! HA!)


jimaie.marie said...

omg that is hilarious. i saw rachels bulletin about it but i had to watch it again, i LOVE how she closes her eyes to think and then of course, I've NEVER, EVER!! LOL
tooo cute! even more so now that i have kids and no what little funny weirdo's they can be--ha!

it really is true about rachel, she's that kind of personality that you're just drawn to, i don't think you can help but love her...i wanna be buddies with that rachel!! :P

Aurore said...

SO good! I love the hand gesture for "lipgloss"! I'm totally going to do that all the time now.

jimaie.marie said...

isn't coddington such a suave last name?
where are rachel and eric's comments?


guess what? i tagged you again, go see my blog for the details little missy! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

FoodFashionFetish said...

that video is too cute. home videos are my favorite!

rachel the teacher said...

I am such a bad person! I have not commented on this yet. Thank you so much for your most spectacular words!!! We are the luckiest to have you and Johnny as our parallel universe couple. Do you have any home videos? I think it would be worth it to start a website of just baby videos of people being adorable. Does that exist? Yay for friends!