Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my husband's a rapper

So, I told you that my sweetiecake is a graphic designer and a cartoonist, that he dressed up like Dr. McDreamy, goes on secret missions and could have a career as a co-pet photographer specializing in glamour shots-- but did I tell you that sometimes Johnny likes to bust out with some mad rhymes? It's true, he has crazy skills, yo.

Here's the rap he made up for me a couple days ago:

They call her Sarah Pittsky,
She's stronger than Whiskey
Nothin' on earth is sweeter than her lips be.

She floats like a Frisbee,
She's quick to get tipsy,
When she's sippin' on daiquiris, she's known to get lisp-y.

After works she's sometimes snippy,
Her hair is never wispy,
She complains about the color,
but I think it looks nifty.

She's the Lucy to my Ricky,
The Long Stockings to my Pippi,
The La Fonda to my Kip-y,
These rhymes are getting iffy,

So let me wrap this up before this rap gets gimpy,
I'll love her till I die,
Now doesn't that sound spiffy?

** Thanks Johnny. Your little diddy made me laugh out loud, smile and feel absolutely loved. You're the coolest, funniest rapper in the whole wide universe. I love you my honey bunches of oats! XOXO **


Ashley said...

ok this is creepy for 2 reasons:

1. I call Chris honey bunches of oats allll the time

2. Chris makes up really bad/adorable songs for me all the time

and then they get stuck in my head, and I end up singing about "my sexy ass" all day long because the song was just so catchy.

Sarah said...

aww how cute! Jon (my Jon not yours haha) once wrote me a poem about installing norton anti virus on my computer-boys are so cute

Stephanie said...

okay that is the cutest thing! Haha! And yes the next time I make a Fresno trip (which hopefully will be sooner than a year, like this time) we will definitely have to meet up! We weren't there too long this time, but we did go to Anthropologie though and I thought of you! Oh and the park Cale proposed at was Sierra Bicentennial out in Clovis (at Sunnyside and Sierra) It was right near my apartment and the only believable place Cale could ask me to meet him without me getting suspicious. Hmm may need to write a blog soon talking about how he proposed. :)

John Rios said...

:D I don't know whether to be happy or embarassed that that's up for everone to see.

Katelin said...

Haha this is precious, love it.

shan & andrew said...

HOLLA!!! That was the best rap ever!

wishcake said...

A-freaking-dorable. Seriously. You two make me happy.