Wednesday, April 9, 2008

snip snip

After work I'm going to get my haircut! I'm pumped because my hair has REALLY been bugging me. My bangs have gotten WAY too long and shapeless, they kinda just hang there in a giant clump. And the ends are nothing but split ends. This can be disguised when I wear my hair wavy but when I straighten all my hair, there's no hiding it.

I've never really had long hair. When I first started going out with John 3 1/2 years ago my hair was a bit shorter than this: (Ooh, dang I look way skinnier here. Eee! Gotta work on that!)

Since then I've tried to grow it out but I'm still working on it cuz my hair grows SO slow and because of a bunch of other reasons, including:
1- I'm addicted to my straightening iron so I iron the ends to death and then have to chop off the damaged parts
2- I blame hairdressers-- they're always cutting off too much or giving me weird layers that I then have to grow out/ chop off the longer layers to even stuff out.
3- I just get bored and start wishing for my short hair again and so I cut it.

I've bought this shampoo that is supposed to make your hair grow faster and I bought pre-natal pills too after a friend said they work, but I always forget to take them. And I don't use the shampoo cuz it smells kinda weird and I feel like it's just gonna make my hair hecka thick. (To me, my hair is already thick enough.)

No me likey this weird, medium length stage. Although my mom thinks my hair is short, I've been super short and to me my hair is medium length. Ack! I want either really short hair or really long hair, none of this inbetween stuff.

I feel like my hair looks really strange when I wear it down right now since it doesn't really have a shape (unless its wavy, but sometimes it doesn't want to go wavy and other times it's still odd to me, depending on the neckline of my clothes. I know, I'm crazy). And to me, I feel like medium length hair in general, shapeless or not, looks unflattering on me.

And so I end up wearing my hair in a ponytail for the most part. This fits my lifestyle during the week since I can't get up in the mornings. My morning hair routine usually consists of drying as much as my hair as I can, focusing heat on the bangs, then putting it in a ponytail and straighting the bangs with my hot iron.

So I hope this hairdresser can snip off the dead ends, make my bangs both side swoopy and choppy and just take off as little as possible while giving it an actual shape. Maybe I'm asking for a miracle. I don't have high hopes. I always used to cry when I got my haircut! Ha! I'm such a baby.

I'm going to Planet Hair, which is like an upgraded Supercuts except it costs either $20, $23 or $26* rather than $13. I don't really trust Planet Hair since I don't trust any hair dressers but I trust them more than Supercuts! Oh man. I get my hair colored at an independent place, but I don't trust her to cut my hair either. I'm not very trusting, huh?! Some people pay way more for a haircut and you would think that the more you pay, the better the haircut, but I don't think that's necc. the case. I got a $50 haircut once and it pretty much sucked.

Man, why does it seem like hair dressers never listen to you? And they always want to cut off more than you want them to? Sigh.

Maybe I'm not meant to have long hair. I should just give up now and cut it short again! I'm so impatient, this long hair thing is taking forever!

Any hairdresser horror stories out there? Anybody love their hairdresser?

And thanks for listening to this extra solipsistic post!

*When I called for an appointment, they assigned me an independent hairdresser who charges $25. Hmm... so is she slightly not as good as the $26 top stylist?! John made a good point-- who would request the medium option... like "Uh, I don't want the cheapest haircut, but no way am I paying SIX $$ more! No way. I'll pay $3 more, for just sorta better than bare bones." funny.


jimaie.marie said...

i swear you are a psycho.

if only these bloggy readers knew your voice so they could imagine you saying all of this really fast and out of breathlike.
ha! i love you bunches tho, this is what makes you YOU!

i'll be hoping for no tears for you tonight!! :D

FoodFashionFetish said...

i know what you mean about bad haircuts. i always have a vision and it never EVER turns out that way. can't wait to see the final results though.

Tipp said...

I love it short!