Tuesday, April 22, 2008

today's the day for Pa.

Today is Pennsylvania's primary -- so all the lovely people of the Quaker state--get out there and VOTE! There's 158 delegates up for grabs! Very exciting stuff!

Have you guys seen the stickers Urban Outfitters is giving out for free? I love em!

Btw, this is a really crappy picture, I should have scanned the stickers but I was too lazy-- the cat sticker, which looks like Charlie when he was a baby, says: "Every time you don't vote, a kitten dies." You know, like the stupid internet joke about the unmentionable.

If this was true- would more people vote?! According to census data, only 64 percent of voting-age citizens voting in the November 2004 election. Can you believe it?! What the heckers?! How could a person not want their voice to be heard?! Their vote to count?! Now, obviously our voting system has had some issues with votes not being counted but this isn't a reason not to vote-- and really, there's no excuse for not voting--if you don't participate, you can't really complain. Duh.

Well, just like I reminded you about the primary back in March, I'm oh so pumped for today's results. The election is still so close! And it might be about to get even closer! Ahh! Can't stand the suspense any more-- if I wanted to "know what's going to happen NOW!" last month, think about how anxious I am now. AHH!!!!

Well, you know who I'm hoping will win the election. Yep, I'm a crazy Obama Mama. Guess I'll have to keep playing the waiting game. Sigh.

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John Rios said...

Obama fo yo Mamma. Rock the vote peeps.