Tuesday, May 20, 2008

channeling Danny Tanner

I wanted to get to the mall as soon as it opened Sunday so I would only have to be out-and-about in 85 degree weather instead of 101 degree weather (GRRR to this heat!) -- but before I could leave the house I got into a cleaning frenzy.

** Chores are WAY more fun with cute cleaning accessories! I love these sponges by o-cel-o. **

Now there was no way I could put down this adorable sponge and my Windex (note to self-- must invest in some environmentally friendly products next time I'm at Target) because me voluntarily cleaning isn't an occurrence to be taken lightly. This is big time stuff, people!

That's not to say that I enjoy being messy or that I don't have intentions of cleaning. What's funny is that I'll be the one complaining about stuff around the house being dirty WAY more than John but HE usually ends up being the one doing a bigger percentage of the cleaning. My explanation? First of all, I am a procrastinator/Poky Puppy about things -- when I was a little smoothie girl at Jamba Juice my managers were always complaining that I didn't wash the blenders and such fast enough. So either they were INSANE or I could have been going a bit faster (ok, I think the Jamba Juice thing was a bad example cuz I'm pretty sure they were just crazy-mad people!). Secondly, I think my problem is that I just get so overwhelmed-- when there's laundry to be done, the office to be cleaned, closets to be organized, dishes to be washed and the bed to be made-- it's just seems like way too much to deal with and so I want to give up before I get started. Or if I get started on one task, I get ADD and stop loading the dishwasher and try to pick up my clothes. It's crazy.

And so, that's why I was so proud of all that I got accomplished: I cleaned the fish bowl, loaded the dishwasher, washed a few other dishes, cleaned the counters, vacuumed and straighten up the living room, cleaned the bathroom sink, counters, mirror and toilet. Swept the bathroom and did two loads of laundry. YES!! Obviously I could have summed this up by saying cleaned the bathroom and kitchen-- but that wouldn't look so impressive, now would it?!

It's funny, one or two other times that I've gone on little cleaning sprees like this have been during some of John's other business trips (then again there was the time I decided I wouldn't clean a thing and he came home to a super messy house). Maybe it's cuz when he's home I'd rather hang out with him and have fun times rather than do boring housework, and when he's gone for 5 days eventually I run out of things to do and start cleaning out of boredom.

Anyways, enough cleaning cuz Johnny is coming home, finally! I pick him up at the airport tonight at 10:45 p.m. I can't wait! I feel like he's been gone FOREVER!

Remember how I said that I usually get so freaked out by little sounds around the apartment and I scare myself into thinking a burglar is going to come and get me?! Guess what?! I'm totally making progress! Before John's business trip I envisioned having some of my friends come over on different nights for little mini-slumber parties so I wouldn't get scared at night-- (what I did the last time he was gone) but I stayed home alone all four nights of the trip and I did pretty dang good! One of the past cleaning excursions during John's biz trip happened late, late at night -- I think I was cleaning and cleaning so I wouldn't have to go to bed and get scared of the empty house. This time I didn't need any distractions, I was just fine-- well, then again, I did stay up till 1:30 a.m. last night and 2 a.m. the night before-- but I was blogging! Blogging isn't a distraction, it's a necessity! Ha.

It's been a good last couple of days. On Saturday night my mom asked me to come over, Dana asked me to come out to dinner with her and a friend of hers and Jimaie asked me to come hang out at her house-- but I turned down all three invitations and got myself an individual pizza (garlic white sauce with pepperoni and pineapple!) and settled in for a night of watching Sex and the City. Funny cuz I never usually want to be alone, always want to be hanging out with someone or even talking to a friend while I'm driving home (bad-- I need to stop talking on the phone while driving!)-- but since I felt like being alone I decided to go for it. I think it's good to learn to enjoy hanging out with yourself-- I feel like I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin and my own (empty) house. Yay!

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Steph Corwin said...

Good for you! I've always been good and hanging out with myself and sometimes I just crave it. I banish my husband from the bedroom, get out my manicure supplies and go to town on my nails while watching a super girly movie or Friends. though I did spend a good amount of time by myself while I was in college, so I think that's why I'm good at it now.

and you better stop cleaning while he's away! He might start taking business trips just so that you will clean while he's gone! LOL!