Thursday, May 1, 2008

a few new treats

I did a leetle bit of online shopping yesterday afternoon. Now I can't wait for my little lovelies from Urban Outfitters to arrive!

Polka Dot Hinge Wallet. Originally $20. On sale for $14.99.
My current wallet is yellow with little umbrellas on it. Um, yeah, it's from Claire's. The wallet before that was by Fossil and hot pink. I can't decide if I'm a little kid or a grownup when it comes to wallets -- so maybe this one is inbetween? Vintage Octagon Sunglasses. Originally $16. On sale for $9.99.
I love how, as the name implies, vintage these shades look! They remind me of a favorite pair I had and broke in Vegas two years ago. This is the only thing I ordered from UO that has a possibility of not fitting-- I hope they look OK, I mean fantastic on my little round face!
Birdseye Pleated Scarf. Originally $20. On sale for $9.99.
It's my opinion that you just can't have enough scarves. Over the past few months I've gotten SO into scarves. I'm really loving yellow lately so I thought I just had to have this one, especially for 10 bux. And I really love how spring and summer scarves are popular now and you can wear em all year round! I really want this scarf too (and a bunch of other ones on the site) -- but not for $28! Eeesh.

See, just a few things -- but I'm excited! Oh, and btw, remember the whole yellow Mary Janes dilemma? (There's that yellow again!) Oh yeah, I'm still waiting for those! Ugh. I can't believe I ordered those pumps on April 1st and they're not even supposed to ship until tomorrow-- and they're not going to arrive until between May 5th and May 11th. See-- I wasn't overreacting! It was a dilemma! They better be cute (and fit) when they get here! Or else!


Ashley said...

oh my god, I NNNNNNEEEEEEDDDD those glasses. Why are you so cute?

shan & andrew said...

That wallet is adoreable! I need a new one myself! Too bad we don't live near eachother- I could totally use your shopping skills!

Talia said...

that wallet is to die for! I love anything with polka dots.
Yay for finding such great deals!! :)

Sarah said...

Good job on the adorable bargain finds...i am jealous, I feel like I need to go shopping now haha

Morgan said...

Oooh, I'm loving that wallet! What a great deal!

Stephanie said...

Ok Im going to be different and say I LOVE that scarf. ugh! I want! Urban Outfitters sales are the best!

Katelin said...

Oh I love that wallet, so cute!

jimaie.marie said...

aaaa, your stuff is so cute!!
i love it all and its even better in person, you adorable.