Tuesday, May 13, 2008

fresno-- exposed!

So, since you guys are really cool and in the know-- you probably already know that fellow bloggers Ashley, Emily and Colleen are planning a girly blogger road trip to none other than my hometown of Fresno, Calif. (You can read about their plans here, here and here.) They chose Fresno as their destination to meet up for photography, fun and a mini-vacation because it's about equal driving distance for all three of them -- but lucky for me, it's a nice coincidence that they'll be in my stomping grounds for the weekend-- and have invited me to meet up for brunch on their last day in town! Yay! I'm very excited to meet these awesome girlies! I can't wait!!

Now, regarding the trip they've dubbed "Tacoroonie 2008," (ha! too funny!) there's been lots of talk of K-Fed. Sad but true, that fool shares my hometown. He's basically like my BFF. Hee-- could you imagine?! Now, to show that there's more to Fresberg than Britney's ex, raisins and this sign--

(doesn't it make it seem as though Fresno is in the boondocks?! Oh man. We have an Anthropologie and um, a Cheesecake Factory. ha. I swear we're somewhat hip. Or something. Ha again!) --I decided to make a Fresno landmark the subject of my entry for this week's exposaroonie photo challenge.

Don't get me wrong-- Fresno is def not super cool but it's also totally not lame. So many people that live here love to hate on Fresberg but I thing that that is lame! If you're going to live here, why stick around and complain?! Sure the summers totally suck (ack! soooo freakin hot! it's the worst) but there's also tons of things to love about this place. I love that my amazing friends and family are here ... I love that this is where I grew up, graduated from college and met my husband... I love the seasons and the perfect summer nights and the not too cold winters ... I love that we're super close to the ocean and the mountains ... that it's not super expensive to live here ... and yes, I love that we now have an Anthropologie and an Urban Outfitters-- oh yeah! Moving on up in the world!

Anyways, this week's challenge is called the "rule of thirds." Here's the gist: "You can photograph anything you'd like... we just don't want to see the subject or the (if a landscape shot) horizon in the center of the frame - and of course, it has to be a NEW picture, dated [May 9th] or later."

Monday night I headed over to the Tower District with the mission of capturing the Tower Theatre-- as the name implies, this neighborhood is named after the venue. According to this handy-dandy site, the Tower Theatre opened in 1939, was restored in 1990 and in 1992 was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Inside and out, it's decorated in an art deco theme.

The Tower District is the more liberal, laid back area of Fresno. Although there's also a Starbucks and a Blockbuster in this part of town, this is where the funky local shops and restaurants are located. There's two theater houses, art galleries, a yarn shop, a great tea house, my fav coffee joint and some awesome bars and small music venues. It's def my fav part of town -- I would love to have a little house in the Tower one day, complete with hardwood floors, vintage charm and lots of trees! One day...

Here is my submission for this week's challenge:
(I captured this shot by laying down in the middle of Olive street at 11:30 p.m. while Johnny watched out for oncoming cars-- and my life! Hardcore, huh?! ** Thanks for the life saving skills, honey! xoxo)

the runner up:

and one more, just for fun:

Now, go get your bootie to taking pictures and then head over to exposaroonie to enter the contest and show off your skills! Do it! You know you wanna! The contest ends May 15th at 11:59 p.m.

And Ashley, Emily and Colleen-- Fresno and I are totally pumped to meet you! Woo!!!


FoodFashionFetish said...

how exciting to meet fellow bloggers! and your photo is great! i definitely see improvements each week with everyone that participates in exposaroonie. you guys inspire me to learn more about my camera than just the "auto" feature.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Fresnooooo, KFEDDDDDDDDD what what!!!

Johnny said...

Yay! I got credit for making sure you didn't get run over! Absolutely LOVE the pic sweetums. It was fun driving over there late night and getting the shot like a bandit in the night!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe you laid in the street!! That is so hardcore!
Great pics!
And that is so cool that you get to meet up the Tacoroonie crew!!

Katelin said...

aw that's going to be so much fun.

and yes for laying down in the street, i always think of the notebook, haha.

Steph Corwin said...

Okay your shot is so awesome. Good job! And yay fresNO. Where are you taking them to brunch? better do fresno proud and not just take them to country waffles. lol!

Ashley said...

What an awesome photo! You did such a great job this week! :)

looking forward to FRESYES. ;)

Single said...

A tribute to Fresno!!! I love it!

Colleen Sherman said...

love the picture! I just might vote for it!

Fres-yes should be fun!

Talia said...

great shots, girl! And whoohoo, you've already got a lot of votes over at exposaroonie! Maybe you will win!! :)

M&C said...

I love your pictures!

I am Colleen Sherman's cousin... had to comment on this post about Fresno. I went to college there for two years... and no, it isn't as bad as people think. In fact, it sucked a few of my friends in after college that I am really wishing would move home! Anyway, you all you Fresburg folk are super rad, no matter what other people think! :)