Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my take on gardening

A lot of lovely ladies have been blogging about their gardening skills or lack of gardening skills-- and trust me, I'm in the latter camp. But I wanted to join in on the fun-- and so I decided to garden by plunking down $10 and walking away with two very pretty plants blossoming with darling little flowers. Ok, fine, I have no idea what type of flowers they are. But see-- now there's flowers on my front porch! I'm embracing spring and plants! Oh yeah.

(In case you were wondering-- in addition to owls, I also have a small collection of ducks. The white duck's name is Frederick [according to me] /Rupert [so says John] and the pink duck's name is John-- a bday gift from my friend Aisling; he came with a little wooden tag around his neck that says "My name is John." Hee!)

close up shots

Love how BRIGHT these flowers are and how the colors kind of clash-- I think that's fun! And they remind me of my wedding colors (pink/orange/green/blue).

So now I just have to keep them alive-- I'll let you know how that goes! Wish me luck! What's funny is that whenever I talk about how I'd love to have a little house to call my own, I always imagine having a garden even though I don't really have any experience with gardening/ have never really shown an interest when I was living at home with my 'rents and could have a garden. I mean, I admire flowers of course (who doesn't?!) but I've never been on my knees in the grass with dirt under my fingers. I like the idea of gardening though ... it sounds so rewarding and maybe relaxing? Maybe when I get a house and a backyard my dad's influence as a gardener/landscaper will rub off on me.

In the meantime, my excuse for not having plants covering my deck is the crazy apartment management and the damn pigeons.

Connected to our living room (our apartment's on the 2nd floor) is a small deck-- and after watching this Oprah episode where her designers gave Chicago apartment dwellers deck makeovers I was inspired for five seconds and imagined a little deck oasis for myself. But then John and I got bikes for Christmas and so now the deck is home to two cruiser bikes and a mini-BBQ. Even so, there was still some hope for the green dream deck -- until the pigeons decided to go crazy. Since we first moved in three years ago (yikes! such a long time!) there have been pigeons living in a little nest in the roof above the right hand corner of our living room. For the first couple years, the only real annoyance was that the pigeons would say "woo wooo" or "coo coo" or something annoying over and over again... the cats would stare up at the ceiling and John would get real peeved at the sound. Ha. But now, apparently our apartment/deck is the cool place for the pigeons to hang and there's like 20 million of them now. So the cooing never ends and they have been pooping on the stairs and all over our deck. Ewwwwww. Do you think I want to subject any plants or flowers to this kind of abuse? I think not.

And besides, the deck is WAY too sunny for any plants to survive because the brilliant management chopped down basically all of the trees in front of our apartment and now we're blasted with sun. Grrr.

So, in the meantime, while I wait for a fortune to fall into my lap so I can have my dream home and a real little garden, I'm going to try to keep my flowers by the front door alive & well. Btw, they are courtesy of Trader Joe's-- can that place do no wrong?!

P.S. Pigeons-- if you're reading this-- I heard there was an apartment special across the street! It's true-- go check it out! Um, they have two bird baths and a game room! Go! Or get a litter box!


Sarah said...

I have those ducks too!! (Will post pictures)If you wanted to start slowly on your deck you could have a potted poppy plant-they love love love sun!

jimaie.marie said...

so cute.
when i was in trader joes saturday i really wanted to buy some flowers but i cant spend any money on non necessities anymore...until i get a job that pays me $$.
sucks!! i can't even tell you how hard it is for me to exercise my self control.
pooop on self control ;)

i just love those little duckies too, those NEVER go on sale at target darnit!!

FoodFashionFetish said...

very cute! i plant new flowers every spring because mine never seem to make it through the winter. i may just have to wait until memorial weekend to get my flowers though because every other weekend is so busy!! i love the bright colors though.

Stephanie said...

I've also been waiting and waiting for those ducks to go one sale. and NO. Instead they just come out with even more cute ones to make me want them even MORE. Ah! I need to do a garden update, but I guess I need to do some gardening first! We have been planning to put a shade garden in the back but just haven't gotten there yet. Until then: this one is old but since much hasn't changed (well besides the daffodils not being in bloom anymore) it's still pretty accurate.

Talia said...

Yay, flowers! It doesn't matter if they are small, they are LOVELY. It makes such a huge difference to have something around that is green and growing. Way to go! I'll hope they lead a long and happy life for you. :)

The ducks, especially the pink one, are SO CUTE.

By the way, when we lived in apartments I never gardened, to speak of. every now and then I would plant a pot with some flowers to sit outside our front door or on our tiny patio, but then I would forget to water it and it would die. Once, I planted a rose bush, but we moved before I ever saw it grow. So I have to say, it makes all the difference in the world when it is YOUR yard, YOUR garden, and everything doesn't have to be in pots! I bet you will be an amazing gardener when you have your own place.

Johnny said...

Damn pigeons!! Seriously fellas, your days are numbered... DUN DUN DUUUUN!