Monday, May 26, 2008

no better way to spend $375

So guess what Johnny and I recently spent $375 on?! Only the coolest concerts/events ever! This year is shaping up to be pretty dang freakin' swell! I can't wait!

Here is what $375 can get you:
(including all those dumb fees "the man" tacks on)

Two tickets to see a Broadway play. While we're in Chicago, Johnny and I will be catching a showing of "Wicked." I can't wait! I've never read the book but I've heard great things about it.

Two tickets to see singer-songwriter Jonathan Richman. Yay! We're going to see him in San Fran for Johnny's bday in June. I'm so glad John introduced me to his music- sooo good!

Two tickets to see the legendary Steely Dan. My favorite band of.all.time!!!! ACK! I love them so. John and I are heading out to a Cali vineyard with my mom/dad for the show in August.

And last but not least, two tix to see Beck in September. I have been wanting to see Beck in concert for the longest time. When I saw he was a headliner at Outside Lands festival in San Fran, I was trying to convince John we should go even tho the tix were 85 bux each PLUS fees. But then I pretty much freaked out when I found tickets available to an L.A. show where the seats were only 25 bux each (plus the damn fees)-- what a deal!! Ok, the seats seem to be horrible, but that's not the point-- Johnny and I are going to see BECK!!!! And seeing him at his own show is way better than a fest cuz that means more Beck! Woo!

Wanna know how I freaked out a little more?! I'm pretty sure that this concert was designed for me because it just so happens that one of my other absolute fav bands is one of the openers for Beck! Darling rockers from Austin, Texas-- Spoon!! This will be my 3rd time seeing them and I can't wait!

Whew! I don't think this summer could possible get any better!! I feel like the luckiest girl ever!

What cool things do you guys have planned for the spring/summer? Any shows/festivals you're hoping to catch?

(p.s. In case you were wondering, no- I'm not back from Chicago yet. I am still up (it's 2:37 a.m. on Friday, before my flight and I have gone mad!) and thought I'd write this up to post while I was gone, using this handy-dandy new bloggy feature. Anyways, when I'm back in my home-sweet-home on Tuesday, I'll tell you all about Wicked!)


Sarah said...

Whoa you are going to have an awesome summer! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about each and every one of the shows!

FoodFashionFetish said...

i've been wanting to see wicked for FOREVER! i'm so glad you get to go while you are in chicago. concerts are my favorite too. sounds like you have an awesome summer ahead of you. the only thing we have planned so far is to see rooney on july 3. i'm sure it will be fun but i'm definitely hoping to get to see a few more.

jimaiemarie said...

ok how dumb i am! i completely forgot you were seeing WICKED while you were there!!!!
how was it?
i can't wait to see all your pics from chicago, i really am so jealous that you got to go!! i wannaaa!!!

your summer is going to be filled with TOO MUCH fun! its almost illegal! wowsers, i'm a dork but seriously how much fun are you guys going to have? jealous!!

Katelin said...

i love wicked! no seriously, love love love it.

sounds like a great trip planned up, have a blast!