Monday, June 16, 2008

happy birthday johnny!

Now, maybe you think I wrote three posts about my birthday (here, here and here) cuz I'm totally self-involved and all that jazz, blah blah blah... but really, I don't just love MY birthday-- I really do love celebrating the birthdays of my nearest and dearest too.

Birthdays are the best! (duh) Your friends and/or family are there, there's good food and maybe cake& ice cream and possibly even some gifts! Who can argue with that?!

And it's fun to celebrate other people's birthdays because it's the one chance of the year where it's all about that one person and you get the chance to show how much you love and adore them. Well, of course we should show we care all the time, but it's nice that there's one day specifically devoted to celebrating that special person.

Whoever invented celebrating birthdays gets a gold star -- we shouldn't just wait till someone's funeral to talk about how cool that person is ... Well, OK, maybe people don't sit around and go on and on about how cool the birthday boy/girl is but you can write it in their card, at least, and just be sure to be extra nice to them, or something. I dunno, just coming out to a dinner that is all about that person is good enough. OK, maybe this birthday rambling has gotten out of control and I've lost direction or something... But I guess since it's my blog I can ramble away to my heart's content. Still, tho- I guess I better pull this together! Anyways, my point is that I love birthdays and whose birthday would I want to celebrate more than my boy, Johnny?

Happy (belated) birthday post, Johnny!!! xoxo

What's funny (not haha funny, but, you know...) was that my dear, sweet, adorable boy turned 27 last Saturday the 7th-- and I mean, sure, I am the best at procrastinating and such but you'd think I could manage to crank out a birthday post sooner than --wait, how long has it been now?-- a week and a day after the special day. Especially because I've written five posts after his bday that were not about his day. Why you ask? Huh, huh- what's the delay?

Well, in addition to being a procrastinator, I think you guys might have realized by now that I'm also an over-analyzer. And so I've been over-analyzing writing this birthday post because I didn't want to just crank out a post; I wanted it to be meaningful and awesome and be a teeny tiny proof of my love or some mumbo jumbo like that. And every day that passed after John's birthday just made the pressure worse and worse! Cuz I mean, if I've really waited this long after his birthday, this post must be the best dang thing that ever happened-- or at least, ever happened to this blog! See how it could drive a girl mad?

No wonder that instead of writing about my love I've penned, er, typed away on the subjects of bangles, braids & buses and other things that don't start with the letter "B."

And then there's the fact that in real life my job is listed as "writer" (although that's a whole other separate topic in itself) -- which makes me feel like the pressure is really on. I mean, if I'm supposedly a writer, then shouldn't I be able to do my thing and write the most rad johnny tribute, no prob?

Also, I want to say some amazing stuff when our anniversary (and subsequent post in honor of the occasion) rolls around in three months, so what do I say now and what do I save to say later? AHH!

Ok, all this over-analyzing is driving me (and for sure you, too) nutz!

I guess since I'm talking about my husband, an acronym named "KISS" is pretty appropriate (kisses! mwah! xoxo) "Keep it Simple, Silly!" or, you could say "Keep It Short & Sweet."

Obviously it's way too late for this post to be short or simple ... but I'll give it a try.

Johnny, my sweet husband--
I wrote it in your card and I'll tell you again-- I'm always so excited to celebrate your birthday but this one was especially special because it was your first birthday as my husband. I can't wait to celebrate a million more birthdays and moments with you!

I love you to the moon and back and forever and ever. Thanks for being the most to me, my boy and my best friend. I adore you and I am beyond glad that you were born!!! Happy birthday!

xoxo sarah

After all this silly rambling, I bet you're wondering what we did for Johnny's birthday. Guess what? Even though it was Johnny's birthday (dude, how many times have I written the word "Johnny" in this post?!) we actually spent the day attending two different parties that were not about him. But my hubby is so amazing and sweet and easygoing and chill, that he didn't even really mind. We could have just say "No, we're busy. I mean, DUH. It's Johnny's birthday" and skipped out on the obligations to celebrate him in our own way, but Johnny decided that it was A-OK in his book to spend his birthday making appearances at these festivities and that's what we did. And we had such a fun time!

But first, the night before his birthday Johnny and I went out for Chinese food (yum!) and then we headed over to my parents' house. My mom & dad were anxious for him to open his present (a shirt my mom picked out & stuff for his bike! -- a bike odometer and a fancy water bottle. Ooh!) and they also bought him a German Chocolate Pie pie from Marie Calenders. We hung out and watched this cool documentary-- "Fires in the Mirror"-- so good!

The next morning we slept in and then headed over to Target. We were going to make mimosas and I was going to make John some cinnamon rolls. On the way there Jimaie called and said she had a surprise-- she brought John a birthday ice cream sundae from McDonalds! How cute/sweet/thoughtful was that?! So we ate our ice cream sundaes while strolling around Target and then we went home and drank mimosas and ate Gardettos instead of cinnamon rolls since we had our sugar fix. How much do you love our breakfast? Hee.

Afterwards we got ready we headed over to John's niece's birthday party. (Well, she's my niece too, I still need to get used to that! It's so crazy to think that I'm an aunt!)

Happy 7th birthday Julianna!!! Isn't she so adorable? She was our flower girl. Even though the little teacup dog that rides around in a purse is SO Paris Hilton, I thought it was pretty dang cute and I thought we just HAD to get it for her. My fav part is that the pup says "yip yip!" Hee. I kind of want a little dog like that too! Ok, maybe I really do. But then a regular size/bigger dog would be nice too... Hmm. Anyways, back to the birthday. Must focus!

Here's John hanging out with his brothers and his nephew lil Jaime (who isn't so little anymore- he just graduated from high school! Congrats Jaime!). Here's Pep, Jio, lil Jaime, Jaime and John doing the "bonesaw." Apparently this phrase is all the rage at Madera High School -- and lil Jaime and his friends started it. Pretty cool...

After hanging out at the party for a few hours, soaking up the sun and eating tons of food (it was catered by Famous Dave's. yum!) John and I took a quick nap and then headed over to Aurora's place for a house warming / "Reality Bites" theme party. Scratch that, it was a loft warming party-- Aurora's new pad is SOOO cool! She lives downtown in this really cool artist community with redone lofts, rad murals on the wall and near a sculpture of a giant, metal horse! And uh, how neato is she for throwing a "Reality Bites" party?! Awesome!

As we left our house for the party and were walking to the car, I asked Johnny if he thought people might look at us and think that maybe we were time travelers from the '90s? Ha.

Here's my '90s-esque outfit. I decided to go for the Courtney Love flower child baby-doll dress plus, I had just picked it up at Target. Funky, huh? You know you love those ruffles. ha!) and since I didn't have any Doc Martens lying around or platform Mary Janes, I figured the next best thing was some Converse; I mean, those are kind of grungy, yes? And I threw on the vest for good measure.

Johnny actually got his awesome plaid shirt & jeans from the Gap, so after he left it open over his T, he was pretty much set. We couldn't find any Zima (introduced to the world in 1993!) so we settled on some Smirnoff's but we did bring some Doritos. Even tho, according to Wikipedia, they've been around since 1966, don't Doritos seem so '90s? Seems like characters in 90s movies are always chomping down on em.

After some more sleeping in on Sunday morning (we love catching up on our Zs on the weekend! Who doesn't?!) Johnny and I had a nice little drive to Dinuba,Calif., to his parents' house where his momma made us a delicious lunch. Sooo delish!!!

I think this picture is soo cute! Love it!

You know you wanna see a close up! YUM! John's mom makes the best food ever! I love it.

Johnny-- your birthday is so not over yet! I cannot wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend in San Fran! It's going to be the best!! xoxo


Johnny said...

Damn babe! You sure made up for procrasitnating with this birthday MEGA POST! Haha! You're the best! Thanks for all the sweet things! LOVE YOU!

jimaie.marie said...

happy birthday johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this mile long post, it SURELY made up for not posting right away, A plus for you missy!!

where do i begin?? oh man, ZIMAS!!!!! i totally forgot about those!! i remember finding zima bottle caps on my elementary school playground! funnnne.
oh! and now that i've seen the pooch in a purse girft you spoke of, I TOTALLY WANT ONE!! so cute/funny/preppy!
your outfits ROCKED for that party! so funny, and doritos? awesome!!
oh Mama Maria!! i want some mexican food pronto!! oh man, thatlooks GOOD!!!!! seriously. yum. I can't wait to hear alla bout your weekend in SanFan, how much fun are you guys going to have?!
yay johnnycakes!!! happy happy YOU!!

ps. i'm gald you were born ♥

Aurore said...

Thanks for the kind words about my new pad! I lava it too. And thanks to the both of you for coming, it was a lot of fun. Doritos were perfect and so was the Sminoff. My favorite. Sounds like John has an excellent b-day. You both are too much good stuff!

Steph Corwin said...

Yay Happy birthday Johnny! Can I come over and eat at your mom's?? Lol! That looks so yum!