Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ruby tuesday outfit

So, I thought I'd take a cue from Wishcake, Apricot Tea, Jimaie, Food Fashion Fetish and Michaela and show you who/what/wear.

who: Why me, of course! What a silly question.

what: An outfit for Tuesday's day at work and a lunch date with Johnny


skirt: Forever 21 ($19.99)
tank: Target ($7.99 maybe?)
grandpa cardigan: Target ($4.75 Major sale!- this is my fav thing ever! Sadly its falling apart)
gladiator sandals: Target ($17)
gold bracelet: Target ($8 and the rest were gifted from Dana)
headband: Target (part of a two pack for $4)
necklace: David Bridal (part of a three pack for $50 -- I wore this in my wedding)
hobo bag:Urban Outfitters ($53)

Notes - I'm loving the trend of mixing different patterns but I see how this can also come off as if I'm trying to work the bag lady look. Hee. Am I verging on a Glamour Don't? Oh noes!

Seriously, I wear that cardigan WAY too much. In the summer I've been leaving it at work and throwing it on when the AC starts freezing my butt off. I bought a brown one at that cheapo price but it's also fallen apart and I can't find it. I wish I would have stocked up and bought way more-- they're perfect because they're so lightweight and can go with everything. It might be kind of trashy because it's lost almost all of its buttons and has a giant hole -- ack! I just can't part with it.

OK, after listing all of my outfit, it's apparent that I'm giving Target WAY too much of my $$!

Also, I really do swear that I'm 5'9", I think this picture makes me look stumpy. Ha. (Not that short girls are stumpy - no way! You know what I mean, right?!)

One more thing -- after looking at other girls' pictures who have shared their outfits - am I being too smiley and non-model-y? ha.

** Now it's YOUR turn! Take a picture of your outfit and post it on your blog! I wanna see! **


Johnny said...

Bag Lady? No ways! I loved that outfit! You so cute!

FoodFashionFetish said...

i love your outfit! you mixed just the right amount of patterns/colors so that it isn't a fashion don't.
by the way, i love your grandpa cardigan! i have been looking for a new one for myself for forever now!!!

apricot tea. said...

firstly, I love that you're listening to Dave Brubeck. He is one of my favorites. :]

secondly, I love that you paired 2 separate prints with each other! Very brave of you & you pull it off so very well! You look great. =]

Sarah said...

You don't look like a bag lady at all! You look super cute! I love that you are wearing the necklace you wore in your wedding, that is so sweet.

shan & andrew said...

Sarah, I just love you! Great, funky, fun style! :)

Sarah said...

Hey, I just read my comments, thanks for sticking up for me, that is so sweet. See, I told you I only get negative anonymous comments. Hurumph

Colleen Sherman said...

No way Bag Lady! You are able to piece together different items well. Me... not so much. I may do this whole "post what you're wearing" thing... but it would basically be jeans and a tshirt... both from Target. I share your obsession. Oh... and Target earrings, so maybe when I buy something a bit more interesting, I'll do it. Oh and when I actually spend the time to get ready that day. These days are spent with me sitting in front of the computer all day... and showering before i go to bed that night or if I work out. Poor Kyle. I've really let myself go. :-(

Steph Corwin said...

So cute! LOVE that skirt. Forever 21... hmmm may have to go check it out... That's allowed right?? We don't live in the same town! haha.

I may do an outfit pic sometime soon. I should have done it Monday when I actually had something cute on! lol!

Katelin said...

love love love the outfit, very fun and cute. and i love the skirt, i definitely remember seeing it at F21.

Talia said...

aw, your hubby is so sweet. :)
You look so adorable. I just love your funky style!!
I had no clue you were so tall-- I guess that's the thing about never having actually met someone. Pictures are deceiving. :)

Allie said...

You really do look super cute! I need to be a little bit more brave like you.

Aurore said...

Have you been on Wardrobe Remix on Flickr? I could stay on there for hours!

Also, I am really trying to warm up to the idea of belts with no purpose. I even bought a nice thick black one. Crazy! I am going to try to get up the guts to wear in sometime next week. See, what you are doing? Inspiring!

P.S. I love that you are wearing jewelry from your wedding everyday! Awesome! And I don't think you look short either!

*jimaie.marie* said...

did you delete my comment? weird, i totally commented here!!
well poo!
i love this outfit and YOU!
i'm still annoyed that Forever 21 didnt have my size.
you're adorable.

Ashleigh said...

you look adorale..I love the floral print skirt =)

Mickie said...

you are NOT too smiley, plus you have a beautiful smile so why not show it off. Great first outfit post!!!I approve:P