Monday, September 22, 2008

hoot hoot!

Happy first day of autumn!

High of the day is 85 degrees with a low of 61. Sounds just swell to me! And eventually it's going to get colder. One day.

And yes, I did purchase a fall-themed hand towel for the bathroom. Did you expect me to say no to an owl & Target?!

Anyways, I'm so excited for fall! Pumped for Thanksgiving, the wreath-making project, candy corn, pumpkin candles, the perfect layering weather for cardigans and scarves, low energy bills and chilly nights where I can cuddle with my honey again under the covers, comfort food and warm drinks ... Autumn, I love you so!


Shellie said...

okay if you like owls there's this halloween magazine that I know you'd love. its like a craft magazine. I'm not for sure what its called. but I'll describe it as best as I can.

It's black
It's almost book like
It's got a picture of a candy corn dessert in a little glass on the front.

it's about $11

but they had this huge section that had Owl crafts and desserts.

I saw it in the check out mag section at a grocery store.

alyssa said...

I looooooove fall, it makes me sooooo happy! That's a cute owl :)

Ashley said...

I love fall SO MUCH. :)

Especially warm drinks! Yum!

Mermanda said...

I worked on my wreath this weekend and my hand HURTS so much. Threading candy corn garland is tough work! Can't wait to see your wreath :)

Cute owl towel! Jealous.

Talia said...

ohhhhhh. yes, fall!!! There is no season I love more. In fact, today I MUST write my own autumn post, or I shall burst with all the autumn joy that is in me. :)

OK, that hand towel is adorable!! I bought a little make-up bag the other day that totally made me think of you-- it was retro-cute and had owls on it! They had another one like it, and now I am so sad that I didn't buy it too and send it to you so we could be twinsies. :(

Sarah said...

yay your post made me even more excited for fall!!

*jimaie.marie* said...

shut your mouth, i totally almost bought the handtowel and the shower curtain from this line but didn't b/c i decided i didn't have the fundage. BUT i will be back and soon i'll have those cuties. ;)

*CPA* Su said...

If I could EVER make it to Target this century (yeah, really, it's only been like a week since I've been, but you know!) I totally have intentions of buying some cute little autumn-themed towels myself! Your's is too cute and then the other night my GF got some for her birthday and it pretty much sealed the deal that I NEED some too!

And really, can the weather cool down and STAY THERE!!! I'm beyond done with this 90+ degree weather!