Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Batman & Penguin

Whenever I am sleeping in, late for work, I try to wake myself up with a bad dream. This morning was no different because I instantly conked out late last night without taking off my eye makeup, brushing my teeth (ew) or setting my cell phone alarm. Whoops. So when Johnny left in the morning (on time, like a good boy) I just kept on sleeping. Until my bad dream woke me up at 8 a.m. -- when I need to leave for work at 8:10 if I'm going to be on time. Yeah. that didn't happen.

Ugh. No me likey bad dreams! Wanna hear about this one? Hmmm. Everyone hates when random people start describing their dreams. Oh well, I guess that's the point of a blog -- you can do stuff like that! Ha. You wanna hear this dream! You do! It's pretty nuts.

Here goes ...
So I dreamt that this guy kidnapped me. There was this purple car in Mr. Bad Guy's driveway with the keys in it so I stole the purple car to escape! But then somehow the car was gone and I ended up walking down the street, hiding behind trees, on the lookout for Mr. Bad Guy. Or something like that, the details are a little blurry.

Then Mr. Bad Guy found me on the street, but now he had the purple car.

I saw a limo coming down the street and I saw a way to save myself! I dove into the window and we zoomed off. Then the driver drove and drove until she got to this hotel/casino -- but then the kidnapper was there! And he was the Penguin, ya know, from Batman! Ahhhh!!!!

I was trying to get away from him ... and then I woke up.

Stupid nightmares. Gah!

But guys, I think I know what this all means -- last night before I went to bed I was over analyzing this blog post I've been trying to write about the election. So the reason I dreamt about the Penguin is because McCain = the Penguin!

Watch this and it will all make sense!

The similarities are too eerie!

Some key dialogue ...

"friends and fellow citizens" = McCain's favorite phrase: "my friends."

"There will be no mudslinging in this campaign" = McCain's (broken) promise to run a clean campaign!

"Batman … who is he?" = McCain asking crowds "Who is Obama?"

"Batman ... rubs elbows with the worst elements of this city" = Sarah Palin claiming that Obama "pals around with terrorists."

Oooh and then listen to Batman (Obama) – he’s so calm and collected and noble!

Batman, er, Obama, 08!

p.s. After writing this I thought maybe I was being a meanie to McCain -- but then I realized all I'm doing is quoting his campaign sound bites!

** edited** p.p.s. And no, I have no problems with being a meanie to McCain! ha. In my house it's encouraged! I guess that's a Duh! though. Actually that's not entirely true; I actually feel kinda bad for the guy. Anyways - more on this laters!


Allison said...

You are too funny. Don't stress yourself out too bad about it. Just let the words flow and I know whatever you have to say will be brilliant. That would be a bad dream though. Creepy!

Mermanda said...

Andrew drew that same comparison during the town hall debate!

Sara McGinness said...

hilarious, I love it. I am showing this to the hubby tonight when he gets home to show him another reason to vote Obama over McCain.


Katelin said...

haha you crack me up. that's pretty funny. oooh and how is the obama book you're reading? good stuff so far?

*CPA* Su said...

You have quite intense dreams!! LOL! =)

Sarah said...

Love the political tie in, you are so hilarious!

Design Gal said...

Lol, you're so funny! (I think I say that in every comment, but it's a good thing!)

I always have random dreams too, especially right before I wake up!

La Petite Chic said...

That is a freaky dream! The Penguin always creeped me out...

Emily said...

Hilarious... and I definitely don't think you were too hard on McCain. It's the truth.

Steph Corwin said...

YOU'RE TOO CUTE!!! Sad that this post got buried in my google reader for so long! It was too funny!