Thursday, October 16, 2008

first year anniversary is paper ...

Even though our anniversary was a million years ago, I still wanna post this. And so, I'm gonna -- cuz it's my blog and I said so! ;) Do you guys also have a list of a million things you wanna post about but are way behind on? Or is that just me? Ahhh! Need more time for blogging! I must cross everything off this list, I just must!

Anyways ...

Although John bought me an awesome necklace and cutie cardigan from Urban Outfitters (Woo!) and I gave him a watch, I wanted to blog about the little presents we gave one another.

Since we are Full House crazies, this is what I got him.

That's right! It's Uncle Jesse's freakin awesome band! Who wouldn't want a band shirt promoting the group that basically only did Beach Boys covers?! Who could forget their awesome music video for "Forever"? Now that rocked! Heee.

John discovered this shirt online a few months ago and then we completely forgot about it. Then right before our anniversary I recieved an email from Busted Tees saying that the shirts were available in our sizes again. Score! So of course I had to order John one (and Ok, one for me too!).

Our matching shirts will go perfect with my Uncle Jesse doll! Yeah, we're nerds.

I had mentioned to John that I really liked the OPI France collection of dark nail polishes and apparently other girls also took a liking to the colors because he had to run around to four different salons to find me a bottle! It was such a sweet surprise and so thoughtful of my boy to not give up the hunt. I probably would have given up after the first place was sold out. I love whenever John picks out clothes or something girlie like that as a present for me because I love to imagine him wandering around the store trying to pick something out. So adorable!

John got me the shade called "We'll Always Have Paris." I thought this was just perfect since we had gone to Paris for our honeymoon the year before.

{ kissing at the Palace of Versailles. mwah! }

You're right, Johnnyboy -- we will always have Paris!

Yay! The small gifts are often the best. Only thing I could think might be better would be a trip back to Paris!

In a way it doesn't feel like we were actually there. Seriously, so unreal. And I sorta feel like the memories are somewhat slipping away. This makes me so, so sad. Oh no! Quick! We gotta go back ASAP! For realzies! (Anyone have some $$ lying around they'd like to donate to my cause? Pretty please with sugar on top?)

What's one of your favorite gifts you've ever received? Or one of your fav places in the whole wide world?


Shellie said...

that is awesome about the shirts. I had no idea that his band had a name!

oh and the OPI is awesome. I love their polish. I once tried to buy Russian Navy and couldn't find it anywhere.

Chad bought me a magic bullet for christmas last year and it was awesome that's probably my favorite gift.

Ashley said...


You guys are adorable!!

Mike and I just bought each other an expensive dinner - nothing too exciting, but oh-so-yummy!

My favorite gift...probably my engagement (ring) Christmas of 2006. :) Besides that, my travel coffee mug. I'm serious! It's the best thing EVERRRR - it doesn't leak! (I am a dork.)

Best place I've ever been so far? Either Hawaii or an island off the coast of Thailand. Greece and New Zealand are my top places to go, though!

Tristan said...

Yay, for the little things! Me & my hubby have been married for one year as of monday, and we stuck withthe paper made him a little scrapbook..and he gave me cards & flowers..and we are going somewhere this weekend!

Sarah said...

Okay don't tell but I looked up the video for "Forever" a couple weeks ago because I missed hearing it! haha
And how weird is this-I just bought some opi nail polishes-they are awesome! Oh and my favorite gift would probably be my barbie powerwheels corvette I got for my seventh birthday and my favorite place in the world is Monaco/French I wish I were there now!

La Petite Chic said...

Aww! I love the tee-shirts and what a cute back story on the "Paris" polish!
One of my favorite gifts was a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach in Jamaica when we were there for our first anniversary. It was such a sweet surprise!
P.S. The modern gift for your first anniversary is a you did good!

Mermanda said...

You guys are so cute. Great gifts!

My favorite gift ever... was either my mother of pearl ring from the Met in NYC--or a merman pendent necklace. Both from Andrew.

alyssa said...

Full House is my favvvvvvoriteeee!!! I remember Wednesdays were my favorite night of the week because I got to stay up past bedtime and watch Full House :) :)

I suck at remembering presents!! Kinda like Steph! Hah! But let's see. We went to Alaska a few summers ago and the ship departed from Seattle. So that was pretty much a bomb trip. Otherwise, haven't been anywhere cool. I want to go to Australia :)

sohobutterfly said...

Ha! Full House is awesome. But J-boy getting you nailpolish that has meaning? That's even awesomer.

home2k9 Alpha said...

Those are fabulous gifts!! My favorite gift ever is a coat my husband got me on our first anniversary... maybe I'll do a coat post since he got me one this year too and it's supposed to come TODAY!! YIPPEEE! You knew that already though, heh. Good times when the hubster goes digging for something special.

See Sherm Blog said...

ok #1) I LOVED that song, FOREVER! I remember thinking out romantic it was. Oh Jesse...

and #2) I so know what you mean about the honeymoon feeling like it ever really happened. We went to Tahitit... and I look back at the pictures now and its so hard to put ourselves back in that moment. It makes me tear up a bit almost. I would do ANYTHING to go back and spend just one more week in Tahiti with Kyle. Oh... and now I'm looking at pictures on the office wall that we have up from Tahitit. What a trip that was. Too bad we'll probably never go back because it was so dang expensive and nobody will ever help us pay for it the 2nd time around.

Allison said...

Loved Full House. That shirt is awesome. You should post a picture of you and your hubby wearing your shirts and your doll. So cute.

"We'll always have Paris" sweetest thing ever OMG!! You have a good guy. Lucky girl!

Katelin said...

that shirt is great. and love the little gifts to each other, you guys are adorable.

*CPA* Su said...

OK-it's official, we MUST meet! I can't believe that there is a bigger Full House fan than me! (And the fact that you own those shirts definitely makes you a bigger fan! Hehe!) That is so great, I can't get over it!! OMG!

Moving on, checked out the OPI site, have now added a couple of the colors to my Christmas list. Thx for the tip!

Oh and ummm, you guys kissing in France, ADORABLE!!

Talia said...

SO sweet that he picked out that nail polish! It's so perfect.
I had no clue you guys went to Paris for your honeymoon, and I'm sure you've mentioned it before... how did I miss that?? Anyway, what a special trip, I love the picture, and I hope you DO get to go back someday (soon)!

Steph Corwin said...

Awwww that nail polish is the cutest gift ever!! I will now go home and beg my hubby to give me We will always have Paris because if he doesn't then it means he doesn't love me. lol! logical??

teality said...

Awww I love Uncle Jesse... I always had a huge crush on him. I still do, actually. Love the shirt.

My best gift ever was from my boyfriend. He took me to NYC for a weekend. Paid for everything (usually we're pretty equal), very romantic.

I like this entry.