Thursday, October 2, 2008

meet my new scarf

I'm sorta in love with how ugly it is. It reminds of the 80s and skiers!

And look at those tassels! Cute!

New scarfie, meet the rest of my scarves.

Yeah, I'm kind of addicted to scarves. You can't have too many! And the fashion industry was pure genius to tell shoppers they needed to wear scarves in the spring and summer as well as fall and winter. And I fell for their dirty tricks. Dang. I think my hunger for scarves will never end!

NEED MORE SCARVES. OK, yeah, I totally have a problem. Scarfies, I love you!


Shellie said...

I think owl scarf and belt are having an affair.

alyssa said...

Awww, look at the cute owl scarf. I have tons of scarfs too. But for some reason, it seems like this past year I didn't really wear them. Hrmpf.

Talia said...

I LOVE your scarf collection!! The owl one especially. It is too cute... and so you!

Oh Sarah, I just had a super fun idea... I need your e-mail. Like now. :)

*jimaie.marie* said...

i LOVE scarves but i never wear them! I buy them and hang them over my door like you and then just admire them :D LOL
so your prob at least makes sense ;)

Mermanda said...

Is that an OWL scarf that I spy? It's so freakin' cute!!!

I'm eyeing a black and white houndstooth scarf at Target to wear with my mustard yellow coat!

Steph Corwin said...

wow you really DO have a lot of scarves! How fun! Can I come over and try them all on? THAT should be your video blog ;)