Wednesday, October 22, 2008

two turntables and a microphone

Last month Johnny and I took a little day trip to L.A. to see Beck/Spoon/MGMT at the Hollywood Bowl. I'd been looking forward to this trip ever since I bought the tickets back in May. Beck and Spoon are definitely at the top of my favorite artists list so I was seriously pumped! I'd seen Spoon two times before but this was my first time getting a chance to see Beck live. Soooo excited!

We actually didn't spend the day in L.A. but just drove up right before the concert because John and I are little lazybutts and love our Saturday morning sleep-in time. We had a great time on the road, listening to our favorite Beck albums all the way there.

Before we headed over to the venue John and I got some delish veggie Mexican comida. Yum!

Hee - John was ready to chow down on his quesadilla! He looks so cute here. Lava that boy!

And here's the Hollywood bowl! I had heard so much about this venue so I was excited to check it out! Seeing "sold out" on the marquee gave me a little thrill and I felt so happy to be one of the lucky ones seeing Beck!

What's funny is that we saw tons of grandpa hipsters walking down the road, on the way to the show, all carrying picnic baskets or Trader Joes bags full of food. We were confused -- um, the hipsters forgot to give us the memo! Was it a potluck? When we got inside we realized the venue allowed patrons to bring their own food and bev -- which is totally cool! There were tons of picnic tables on the lower level where fans were hanging out, eating cheese and crackers and drinking wine. So posh!

The venue was really beautiful and the sound was great. We walked in a little late to MGMT already playing their set. I didn't really mind though because I'm not a die-hard fan and also, I think it's kind of cool to rush into the venue to hear a band doing their thang --- makes it more exciting and urgent to find your seats to start rocking out!

I mention in this post that I scored some super cheap tickets for the show -- only $25 each! Yeah! But -- that meant the seats were sooooooooooooooooo far away from the stage. I think we were in row T.

I would have taken some pictures of the actual performances but here is the stage from where we were sitting. The artists were like tiny bugs!

Although we were miles from the stage, the show was still amazing. MGMT was fun ... While it wasn't my favorite Spoon show, they still totally rocked it. Sometimes Grupo Fantasma's horn section backs Spoon and I'm pretty positive some Grupo members were on stage that night because I could hear some Latin-funk grooves as Spoon mixed up some of their songs. What's cool is right around the time of the show, my cover story with Grupo Fantasma had just been published!

Beck was freakin amazing and he put on SUCH a great show! He played a ton of my favorite songs -- including a couple he mixed up from "Midnight Vultures," my fav Beck album. As the marquee pointed out, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra was also there that night -- and they backed Spoon on songs he played from his "Sea Change" album. It was so neat to see Beck switch from the crazy dance songs (and you know we were dancing to these!) from albums like "The Information" and "Guero" to the more mellow, beautiful ballads from "Sea Change." Having the orchestra there just totally added to the whole experience.

My only complaints were being so far away and the people smoking pot RIGHT NEXT TO US. Now, duh -- of course you gotta expect people to be all Cheech & Chong at concerts -- but when you're sharing a bench with strangers, sitting close enough that your knees might sometimes touch -- I don't think it's cool to light up. It's totally different when you can walk away from the person smoking. Ugh. Oh, and the kids passing around their iphone, texting and yelling to each other the whole time -- John actually asked them to be quiet during the "Sea Change" songs. Hahah -- John and I are such fuddy duddy grandpa hipsters! haha. But for reals -- why are you texting and looking at your phone the whole time? Didn't you come to see the show? Weird.

Anyways, it was SUCH an awesome show. Soooo happy we went! We had a really, really good time!

To round out this post, here are a couple of pictures John and I took while waiting in-between sets.

In this shot we were trying to be model-cool. Ha. We're dorks.

And here is my favorite shot of the night.

Yay for road trips, awesome live music and fun with my boy!

What's your fav concert you've ever been to?


Allison said...

You two are so adorable! I love the two pictures at the end of the two of you. I'm at a loss for what my favorite concert would be. I'm a loser and now I'm over it.

*CPA* Su said...

You guys are just so cute, makes me want to squeeze ya! But I won't! HA! Glad you had fun! That venue does look amazing.

Sarah said...

that hat is so cute on you! can't wait for MGMT to come to detroit.

Katelin said...

i love the hollywood bowl, i saw dmb there last year and it was amazing. as for my fave concert, i'd have to say the o.a.r. concert i just went to at the house of blues, tied with the craig david concert i went to there as well. i love them both, le swoon.

wishcake said...

Aw, what a fun time! You and your hubby seem to do fun things like this all the time - I'm jealous. :)

And I love your hat! Freaking adorable, you are. It's true.

Design Gal said...

I LOVE BECK and I LOVE the Hollywood Bowl!!! So jealous right now! It sounded sooo fun!

My fav concert was Collective Soul last year- it's Andrew's favorite band so I suprised him for his birthday!

La Petite Chic said...

There's a venue near our house like that and Jon and I love to pack our picnic basket and catch a show. Our favorite there was hands down, Michael Bublé! What a great show!

Sarah said...

Your hair and beenie combo is perfect! You look so pretty!

apricot tea. said...

how awesome that you saw Beck! Whatever you're eating looks good too!

alyssa said...

I've never been there! It looks awesome!

The best shows I have been to would be The Mars Volta, Muse, and I'm thinkin' ACDC was pretty neato too (hah). Although there are a lot of other awesome bands I have seen, those were the most interesting shows.

jimaiemarie said...

LOL!! i LOVE that johnny told those kids to shut it up, it reminds me of him telling us to be quiet all the time during the Hills. "GIrls!! Seriously!" LOL!! love it.
You & john really are always doing such fun great stuff together, its adorable. ♥

Sara McGinness said...

seriously love the hat, I think my favorite concert was seeing the Beastie Boys when I was in middle school. I remember feeling so cool because I was hanging out with my friends older brother but really I was a dork.

alyssa said...

I'm def. not tall! 5'5" I just like them cause they are cute!!! I like fun colored flats :)

Shellie said...

love the hat

I've only been to two concerts

Jack Black


Reba Mcintyre

of the two I'd have to say Reba

Steph Corwin said...

Stop it you and your yummy veggie burrito! Making me hungry!