Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been lusting over these boots for about a month and a half. Aren't they just lovely?

I would have snatched them up a long time ago but they're a bit pricey for me. Right now they're on sale for $20 off but they're still not cheap. The sale brings the price to $129.99 at Bakers. Hmmmm. Are they worth it?!

Thinking about going for it since black boots can go with everything and these boots are just about my perfect in my eyes. This is what I was looking for in a pair of boots -- flat or just about flat (these have a wedge of about 1 1/4 inches), a tall riding boot type look, I didn't want the boots to have a suede look or to be too shiny, didn't want them to look pirate-y or hooker-y. Also, these seem like they would last a long time. Better to get something you really, really love rather than settle for something that's just meh that you'll end up not wearing more than once. (At least I'd like to follow that idea in theory and instead I just buy tons of randon-ness at Target and Old Navy. ha.)

But then today I found this pair of Steve Madden boots. These boots are quite a deal -- regularly priced at $199.95. On sale for $119.90. So, the Steve Madden boots are almost exactly like the Bakers boots but they're $10 cheaper. And they have one buckle instead of two. Hmmm. I kind of like the two buckle look -- but is Steve Madden better quality and these will maybe last longer?

Decisions, decisions.

Would you not order such an expensive item without trying them on?

What should I do?!

p.s. If for some reason you think these boots look like a pirate or a hooker would enjoy them, please tell me. I must know the truth!

p.p.s. Or what if I got the Bakers boots in blue -- would that be ridiculous?


alyssa said...

This won't be of very much help, because I am a cheap-o. SO i would pick the cheapest I could find, LOL <3 I mean, black boots are black boots, right!?

Kyla Bea said... blue please!
Send me a pair too? = )

Chatabox Girl said...

If you love them that much to know when they are on sale... Then go for it!

They will go with so much, and hopefully should last for ages.

Sarah said...

I say you get the Steve Madden ones. I dunno they just speak to me! haha!

*CPA* Su said...

OHHH-no, see I don't like the blue ones. Plus for that much money, you want something more versatile, right?? I like both pairs of black ones. LOVE that they're essentially flat! I think I'm leaning more towards the Baker's ones. And no, I don't see a pirate or hooker in them. ;-) Keep us posted on your decision!

Shalene said...

I agree, you should stick with black, you'll probably get a lot more use out of them. I like the Steve Madden boots, they look more sleek to me in the heel/sole region. I like them both though. But do go with black. You might get buyer's remorse if you go with the blue. lol If you order online find out how easy it is to return them in case they don't fit right or if there's a flaw in their construction.

Sara McGinness said...

I say Black Steve Madden's. I have always found that Steve Madden's make comfortable shoes and their quality is great.

Let us know what you end up getting.

Katelin said...

i sort of love those steve madden boots a little more. i'm still considering some boots for myself, maybe i'll get around to it.

Steph Corwin said...

I think the blue are so very much sarah marie p, and I could totally see you rocking them so well. but they're so expensive.. so if it were me, I would say how much I wanted them and lament over them forever, but probably never actually buy them since they're so much..

*jimaie.marie* said...

did you order them yet? didja? didja? they are SO cute!!! i do love the blue (duh) but johnny is right when he says to go for the black FIRST. THEN blue!!! :D haha. he's wanting to kill everyone who's agreeing with you about these boots right now isnt he?? hahaha.