Saturday, November 8, 2008

the days are just packed -- or, I need to pack!

Hey guys!
Whoa. This is the craziest weekend of. all .time.

Last night Jimaie along Johnny and I headed down to Bakersfield to check out Ashley and Colleen art show! We had a really good time and afterwards we all went out for some yummy Mexican food. I'm so proud of you girls and I'm so glad we came to the show! We had a lot of fun and your prints looked amazing! I wish I was rich so I could take them all home with me! Congrats, A/C Photography!

Oh - and I also got to meet Talia, Alyssa and Lorie! Yay for bloggy friends!

Tonight John and I are getting all dressed up to go to a coworker's wedding.

And in the middle of these super-cool events Johnny and I are finishing packing up all of our belongings and we're moving!

I've been meaning to post about this but there was the election and a bunch of other important stuff like video blogs and pumpkin bread. So, yes, we're moving -- not too far, just about two miles away from our current apartment. Although I know some people move all the time, this is big news for us since John and I have lived in our little ol apartment for 3 1/2 years.

It's crazy because it seemed like we'd never move -- we've talked about moving for years but we couldn't find anywhere we liked. But then about a month ago I saw a cute condo on Craigslist, we called the owner 20 minutes after it was posted online and a couple days after that, we were set to move in after we gave our 30 day notice at the apartment.

I wanted to do a post about memories of our old place and what I'm most excited about with the new place but time is running out ... and I've got to get to packing and go get a manicure before the wedding, oh and a present too. Whew! So much to do.

Here's a sneak peak of the new place:

And a shot of the inside:

Are you loving the teal carpet?! ha. It should make the place funky-cool! And the high-ceilings aren't too shabby either.

Ok, whoops. Gotta go! Only three hours before the wedding. Byeeeeeee!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

p.s. I would love to upload some pictures of the art show and our mini blogger meetup -- but I'm pretty sure Johnny would kill me for not packing/getting ready for the wedding.


Sarah said...

Weekends like these are always double edged sword-so fun but then you are too pooped to pop hehe

*CPA* Su said...

Now I'm kinda sad that I wasn't brave enough to go to the art fun to meet new bloggy friends?!?

And YAY! for a new we get to follow all of your decorating adventures! =)

alyssa said...

I hope your moving has gone as well as possible! I know it's a P.A.I.N!!!!! That's some hawt teal carpet! WOW! (Um, did I just say hawt....)

Talia said...

ohmygoodness I LOVE your new place, Sarah!! It is so cool, with the high ceilings and the teal carpet. Like you said-- it'll be funky! I can't wait to see what you do with your new place! Be sure to post LOTS of pictures. :)
I hope the move goes so well for you guys... it's always crazy and stressful, but how exciting too.

I am so happy I got to meet you last night (and Johnny too)!! Hooray! All you people are even better and more fun and more adorable in real life. :) I already can't wait until next month when we can hang out more.

Sara McGinness said...

oh I am so jealous that you got to be there for the opening, it really sounds like everyone had such a great time.

also, congrats on the new place. that teal carpet is totally going to funkify your place- can't wait to see pictures.

Shellie said...

very cool. and I think of all people you'll be able to rock the teal carpet :)

See Sherm Blog said...

First... I just want to say THANK YOU soooo sooooo much to you and Johnny for making the drive down to our art show. I can't tell you how much it means to me that you guys came. I had the best time with you guys afterwards too! It was so cool to have the hubbies there this time. :-)

Second... I hope your move goes well! Its always exciting to move. I love it (besides the packing up part)!

Ashley said...

I feel like I haven't talked to you or read your blog in forever. :)

I miss you!

And I'm so super jealous of all the Cali blogger love. Lucky. I'm going to a Cleveland blogger thing Thursday, where I will know ONE PERSON. I don't even read any of the other blogs.

So nervous!

*jimaie.marie* said...

yay for moving!! i can't wait to come see the new place!! yippeee

Mermanda said...

Cute place! Fun carpet. :)

rachel the teacher said...

You moved once, and will move again! TO PORTLAND