Monday, November 3, 2008

NO on prop H8te!

About a month ago, John and I were driving home from dinner and I noticed the car in front of us had a bumper sticker in support of a proposition - Prop 8.

If you're not from California, this proposition would eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry.

Now, with one day to go before the election, there's tons of houses with "Yes on Prop 8" signs ... but that very first bumper sticker I saw was SO shocking because I was really surprised that a person would want to proclaim hate on the back of their car. I mean, I know there's a lot of people who have issues with their thoughts on homosexuality but I thought they wouldn't be PROUD to let the whole world know about their bigotry. I mean, keep it a secret and get over your issues on your own time! Don't share your hatred with the world!

But now the signs are everywhere. I always get depressed driving home from work because all I see are "McCain" and "Yes on Prop 8" signs. Not to be melodramatic, but every sign is like a stab to my heart. OK, maybe that's exaggerating, but every sign I see just brings me down a little bit more. I am seriously always grumpy by the time I get home. I can't even imagine what it's like for a gay person to see those signs personally attacking them. Ugh. It's sick.

On Sunday I had an Ashley Forrette moment when John and I were waiting on a street corner at a red light and were surrounding by demonstrators with "Yes on Prop 8" signs. And just like Ashley's experience, there were tons and tons of kids out there waving signs. Younger than teenagers -- at least teenagers have a teeny bit of life experience and have been around the world a few spins to somewhat make up their minds about issues. These kids were seriously age 6,7,8,9, 10. Ugh. It made me SO MAD that their parents forced them to spend their weekend screaming on a street corner, spewing hate. If you want to teach your kids some morals and something about values, why don't you take your kids to a soup kitchen or to clean up a river?! If you're going to volunteer for a cause, use your time to make the world a better place, not fill the world with more bigotry! Just so sad these kids are being taught to hate and not to accept others that are different from them. And maybe some of these kids are actually gay -- and they're being taught self loathing. UGHGHHGHGHG.

Of course I couldn't resist saying something to these people ... and although, just like Ashley, I wanted to shout out some choice words and tell them how they were total losers, I tried to hold back and not scream anything hateful. So I rolled down my window and shouted "Don't hate!" "Don't judge!" And guess what this dad, standing there with a bunch of young kids, said back to me: "Who are we hating?" OMG. So stupid. Good comeback, mister. See, the dude had nothing to say, because they WERE hating gays. They WERE judging others.

You know what's so dumb though? I bet that guy doesn't think he's hating people. Oh no, the demonstrators are doing this to "protect marriage"! "This isn't about gays -- don't worry, they can have civil unions." No. No. No.

Dude, don't you remember the whole "separate but equal" thang the U.S. had going on back in the day ? Which was ruled unconstitutional with Brown v. Board of Education?! Well, prop 8 isn't fair either! Why should two consenting adults who LOVE and respect each other not be allowed to get married?! WHY?! There's no logical reason at all. All a law like that would do is write hatred into the state constitution.

Like Ashley pointed out in her post, "This is NOT a political issue, this is a civil rights issue."


And what about the 1967 case Loving v. Virginia? Before Virginia's anti-miscegenation statute, the "Racial Integrity Act of 1924", was declared unconstitutional, it was illegal for a white person to marry another non-white person. Crazy to think that a little over 40 years ago, it would have been illegal for John and I to have gotten married.

How is this issue any different?! If two consenting single adults want to get married, they should be allowed to. No ifs, ands or buts.

And for all those people protesting gay marriage, waving their signs in support of prop 8 -- what is the reasoning behind their beliefs? That it's immoral because the Bible says being homosexual is wrong?!

1. First of all, this is a secular country, there is no state religion. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state. So leave the Bible out of it.

2. Really, it's not that these people are against gay marriage, I truly believe they're against people being gay in general. Well, a proposition is not going to change a person's sexual orientation. Sorry, folks. Whether this proposition passes or not, some people are still going to be gay and if they can't get married, well, they will still be leaving together, loving one another.

So I think this prop is just plain mean. When two people love one another, they want the chance, just like every one else, to have a ceremony with their friends and family there, where they can declare their love and commitment to each other. Why should a gay person not deserve to exchange rings with their sweetie just like a straight person?

Oh yeah, besides all the legal rights that come along with it, like a tax cut and the right to visit your loved one in the hospital and all that jazz.

If you want to read a super intelligent blog post about all the crazy misinformation that's going on with scare tactic ads regarding Prop 8, please check out Steph's post here. This blog post is getting WAY too long for me to even get into that ridiculousness.

Oh yeah, and back to the whole "protecting marriage" BS -- OMG! Beyond stupid. If people want to protect marriage, why don't they work on combating the super high divorce rate? Or make marriage counseling mandatory? Or what about working on other issues affecting marriage like alcoholism, drug abuse, spousal abuse and even poverty?!

UGH! Before people start pointing fingers telling other people how to live their lives, judging their relationships, maybe they should start working on their own marriages?!??!


Sooo as you all know, the election is tomorrow, Nov. 4. Ahhh! I can't wait.

If you read Ashley's post, she asked her Catholic mother to vote No on Prop 8. And guess what? Ashley's momma came through! She voted No! Woo!!!

I'm gonna quote Ashley here ... (man, I'm being SO lazy with this post. But hey, Ashley said it best!)

"I was ecstatic! You see, one phone call can make a difference! So I'm asking you Cali peeps one more time, regardless of your views on marriage, to say NO to discrimination by voting NO on 8. If there is one thing this world needs more of, it's love."

Although this post I'm trying to somehow wrap up was really poorly written and thrown together, I just had to get my thoughts out before the election or I think I was going to go nuts.

So please, California peeps, follow Ashley's advise, and call your friends and family tonight and ask them to vote No on Prop 8 tomorrow. Do it for couples like my friend Jim and his BF Eric. Do it for Ashley's friend Megan who just got married to her girl Ginger. (Ash photographed the wedding. Check out Ashley's mad photography skills here. The pictures are so sweet and SO full of love.)

Vote NO for all of us, straight, bi or gay, so we can live in a country where there is love and tolerance for all, where all of us have equal rights and nobody is discriminated against.

See you at the polls tomorrow!

p.s. You gotta check this out! It's too good.


Sarah said...

I could talk about why I voted NO ON PROP 8, but I won't flood your comments like that. So I will just say that if the yessers on 8 think they are protecting marriage they need to think again-or just think period! The sanctity of marriage is suffering already, with the divorce rate as a great example of how. Really they don't have a let to stand on with that argument; you want to protect marriage start with those that already have the right! Also I too get very depressed when I see those signs supporting prop 8, it's disgusting really. If someone wants to get married it is noone's bussiness but the two people that are involved. ugh

Steph Corwin said...

I lovas you, let's get married ;)

Shalene said...

When I saw the first crop of "Yes on 8" sign go out on people's lawns, I had an uncontrolable urge to commit vandalism for the fist time in my life. I didn't do it, but I reeeeeally wanted to steal the signs, write "Support Hate" on top of them and put them back. I can't believe that people don the sticker on the back windows of their car and feel okay about it!

OH and I saw people with their small children waving those ugly blue and yellow signs all around town and it made me sick. Some of those kids were barely school age, but they're out helping Mommy spread ignorance and intolerance.

I've heard 14 year olds saying that they're "For McCain" and I just say to them "Well, thank God you're not old enough to vote. Maybe you'll grow a brain by the next election."

I can't believe that teenagers will disagree with their parents so vehemently when it comes to things like curfews, or fashion, but take what they have to say about politics as gospel! It just blows my mind!

Ashley said...

i love you and i love this post. i dont see how anyone would agree prop 8 with these two points you made..

1. First of all, this is a secular country, there is no state religion. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state. So leave the Bible out of it.

2. If people want to protect marriage, why don't they work on combating the super high divorce rate? Or make marriage counseling mandatory? Or what about working on other issues affecting marriage like alcoholism, drug abuse, spousal abuse and even poverty?!

SERIOUS! Perfect post.

Katelin said...

oh my gosh i had the same experience this weekend with young kids holding up yes on 8 signs and it just made me cringe.

i love your post so much and i hope everyone out there votes no. no. and no again.

Mermanda said...

Great post, Sarah. I'm crossing my fingers for you and the rest of Cali.

Britt said...

I was on Blackstone the other day and saw that mass of people. They were so cheerful in their Sunday best, chowing down on In 'N Out, like it was after-church bowling or something. I saw one lone guy with a "No on 8" sign, and I especially maneuvered my car so I could flash him a peace sign. I didn't want to honk at him cuz I didn't want the others to think I was supporting them. I cried all the way home just thinking about how so many people can put so much effort into preventing goodness, when that energy could have been so much better spent on actual actions that promote love and a better place to live. They're so damn up-in-arms about defending those three lines in the Bible that talk about homosexual relationships, but do they ever stand on street corners to support legislation that backs up the other 99% of the book? Grr.

Anonymous said...

This was on Wil Wheaton's blog - a comment from one of his readers. I thought it was great. If I wasn't clear enough, reader swordman69 makes it crystal clear: "One thing to remember, voting NO changes nothing. It doesn't affect a single thing. Only a yes vote changes what is currently legal here in California. Do we teach same-sex marriage in schools now? NO. Is it affecting you in any way now, NO. Only a yes vote changes anything. A Yes vote puts discrimination into our state constitution."

Anonymous said...

this country is headed downhill SO quickly than any conservative vote that i can make to slow any part of that madness down is a vote that i will make without a doubt.

this quote from your blog:
"2. If people want to protect marriage, why don't they work on combating the super high divorce rate? Or make marriage counseling mandatory? Or what about working on other issues affecting marriage like alcoholism, drug abuse, spousal abuse and even poverty?!"

Is a GREAT example of so many things that can be done to benefit the protection of marriage and if any such propositions were available to vote for or against, you bet your bottom dollar i'd vote in favor! But yes on Prop 8 was my first step in doing my part to protect marriage as our founding fathers knew it.
You can call me a bigot if you like but i'm just as proud and just as committed to my beliefs as you are yours.
Respecting each others beliefs whether we agree or disagree is a lesson that both major parties could afford to learn.

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