Monday, December 29, 2008

C'est la blogging

So ... it's Sunday night and I'm enjoying Belle and Sebastian's "The Life Persuit" while trying to blog. Listening to this album is the easy part because it makes my little grandpa hipster heart happy. Blogging, on the other hand, isn't exactly behaving like a piece of cake. After hardly blogging at all for a million trillion years, it seems like the longer I put off blogging, the harder it is to get back into it. But then I don't want to feel like blogging is a chore -- because who wants more responsibilities, more worries, more on their to-do list?! Not this little chickie. So I guess I'm going to say, even though this is only my 9th blog post this month and December is basically over, so be it! C'est la vie and all that jazz.

Hmmmm so why have I been practically MIA from my little bloggy world? With a new system at work, I've been a busy busy busy bee, which means not so much free time and internets for me. Boo. ... Old habits die hard as the saying goes and so, the second time around, I've once again been a bad little veggie. Instead of cooking my own meals I've been loading up on junk and so I think the lack of protein is making me a sleepy one. I've been heading under my mountain of covers instead of to the internets, well, except for the last couple of days -- but it's easy to stay up until 2 or 3 a.m. if you're afforded the luxury of no work and sleeping in until noon. Anyways, maybe it's not the vegetarian thing, maybe the cold just makes me lazy and I'm just sleepy because winter is a big o pain in my butt. I mean, I shouldn't complain -- tomorrow the high is 57 degrees and Fresno isn't being hit with layers of snow, but still. That doesn't mean the sun doesn't go down around 4:30 p.m., taking my energy and happiness along with it. Grrrr. Dramatic much? Seriously though, ugghghghgh I hate winter and the lack of sunlight SOOO much. Ohmygosh SAD city! How is it not depressing that when I get outta work its pitch dark outside? Who wouldn't want to go to bed ASAP? Hurry up spring!

Well, of course then there was Christmas and Christmas shopping and then presents to be wrapped... how dare the holidays get in the way of this blog! Ha.

I had planned on blogging up a storm during my vacation but I guess I've been too busy doing Christmas ... and then hanging out and eating Thai food ... watching The Holiday ... exchanging presents and spending the evening eating pizza and watching a Jim Gaffigan DVD with my bestie Britt (who knit me that adorable hat I'm sporting in my new photo on the side bar. Love!) ... bowling and catching up with our good buds Eric and Rachel ... shopping, getting my hair cut, more Mexican food at John's mom's house .... and LOTS of sleeping in (and since it's after 3 a.m. now, looks like Tuesday is going to be another day that starts after noon).

By some Christmas miracle, Johnny and I both got December 24th through January 5th off of work. 12 days in a row!!! Paid vacay! Eeeeee!!!! Ok, I guess it wasn't a Christmas miracle - John's office is always closed between Xmas and New Year's and I got the time off by saving up some vacation days and working at my company for more than a year -- but it sure feels like a miracle! I do have to thank the calender that January 2 ended up being a Friday so John and I both got that day off. SO so happy. And our vacay is only half over! During the next six days I plan on blogging, cleaning the house, catching up on my reading (actual books, not just magazines!) and hopefully hitting the gym ... let's see if I'm a responsible good girl or if I spend my time sleeping in. Well, if anything, John and I just did four or five loads of laundry, but it feels like we did 20. This is the first time in years I've seen the bedroom floor so clean. Another Christmas miracle!

Here are a couple pictures of some December happenings that I failed to blog about ...

1. Although I was banned from shopping after December 4th because I had already used up all my fun money for the month, somehow I thought it was a genius idea to order this $80 (that's the sale price) dress from Anthropologie. I justified the purchase by saying I could wear it to my job's party at the end of our conference in January. After hitting the "buy" button, I soon realized my mistake in purchasing what was really an Easter egg in dress form. What the heckers?! What was I thinking?! Easter egg or bad bridesmaid dress -- either way, it's bad news. But alas, it was too late to cancel the purchase and I had to wait to return the dress and was out $11 in shipping and handling. Oh well, at least I learned my lesson. Before you buy, always analyze your purchase to make sure you won't look like you belong in part of an Easter egg hunt. I think the only way the dress worked was if it came along with the tights, cardigan and heels Anthro was peddling. Damn you Anthropogie, trying to upsale me! Do you guys have any recent buyer's remorse stories?

2. I recently got my hair done. As you know from this post, I'm totally psycho about my hair. I had wanted to do a strawberry blonde but my hairstylist talked me out of it (saying it would fade quickly and turn my hair pink-ish) and instead I decided to change my platinum blonde to go for a "golden blonde." But of course, once I saw the results I hated it and thought it looked WAY darker than a "golden blonde." And then I had to take a series of emo pictures. Ha. Man, I can be such a vain child!

What's funny is that the color has changed over the past couple of weeks and now it does in fact look golden blonde. What's even funnier is now I kind of miss the slightly darker color (that I was SO unhappy with) shown in this photo. Ha! I am SUCH a goose.

3. I attended an awesome bloggy meetup in Bakersfield. It was hosted by Alyssa as a birthday party for Steph/Christmas party. Jimaie and I had a blast driving up there, with me driving like a maniac (sorry Jimaie for all the unfortunate language. Ha) and us stopping for ice cream (even though we were freezing!) and then us getting lost a million times and making rediculous U-turns in the middle of the street. It was pretty dang hilarious. Once we finally got there super, super late, we had such a good time! There were yummy munchies and lots of giggling, a white Elephant Exchange (I took home a cool leopard print makeup bag! Score!), a couple rounds of Catch Phrase and delish peppermint hot cocoa floats.

Thank you Steph for cooking up this fun idea! Yay! Happy late birthday! And thanks to Alyssa for being a lovely hostess!

Jimaie, me, Talia, Susan, Caitlyn, Steph and Alyssa with our yummy treats! I ended up copying the float idea the next evening when I had my parents over for dinner. You simply take a scoop or two of peppermint ice cream and add hot cocoa on top - plus a dollop of whipped cream. Sooo good!

4. John and I bundled up for our annual date night down Christmas Tree Lane. The tradition of Christmas Tree Lane has been going strong for 86 years. It spans nearly two miles with 300 trees all lit up and 140 homes decorated to the nines. The lights stay on from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and each year there are two nights when the streets are shut down to cars so people can walk the streets in peace and take their time enjoying the pretty sparkling lights. I love it! It's so magical.

Here's the best house, at the very end. It's nuts!

For the last two years this guy has even had a snow/bubble machine! It was SO adorable to hear one little boy tell his big brother, "It's snowing in Fresno!" Awww!!!

Here are the Christmas cookies John and I created on Christmas Eve Eve. Dude, decorating cookies is hard work! We made quite a mess and after all of this we didn't end up eating a single cookie. I don't think I trusted them after all the crap we put on the cookies. Could these cookies get any uglier?! haha. Somehow they didn't turn out like the ones on the Krusteaz box. But would you look at that creepy cat?!

And here is my Christmas present to my boss, who is obsessed with Spaghetti Cat. John did such an awesome job! Thanks honey boo! You truly captured the essence of Spaghetti Cat!

If you aren't familiar with the feline who enjoys his pasta, here's the original Spaghetti Cat. And here's the Parry Gripp song. Spaghetti Cat, I weep for you! Trust me, you will love the Spaghetti Cat!

I want to do a Christmas 2008 recap soon. I also want to post about John's proposal and a funny Christmas Eve story from last year. After I waited and waited for months to post these entries, I totally missed my opportunity when Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve passed me by, so I just might post those entries WAY late anyways. These are good stories, people! I don't think I can wait a whole year to tell these tales.

I hope you guys had a lovely and memorable Christmas /Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus! Happy holidays!

p.s. Is this the longest blog post of.all.time?! Or what?! Who knows?! Oh man. Good thing I cut out three paragraphs where I ranted about my ex-landlord and a foolio stealing $594.80 from my bank account for a joy ride shopping trip at Burlington Coat Factory. It's 4:48 a.m. Ohmygosh. I feel like I'm at an all nighter in high school. Ha. Craziness! good night.


Shellie said...

that was a long post. but way worth it. I've missed you!!!

Sucks about the dress. but it is cute. but its true it probably looked real killer with the pumps and cardigan and jewelry.

and your hair is so pretty. I like the emo picture :) I take emo pictures all the time all though they never see the light of day.

and John the speghetti cat picture is CRAZY COOL! i loved it. good job.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

Lily said...

Well, welcome back!!! I also took an unintentional (but much enjoyed!) hiatus. I didn't know where to start so I kind of just jumped back in! Anyway... your hair is super cute! Happy (Almost) New Year!

Ashley said...

I am reading less blogs anyway, right now.

It's vacation time for many people - so don't you worry about not posting! :)

This post was fantastic, truly Sarah-style.

(Sarah-style is long, hilarious, and random - in case you were wondering.)

My favorite part was the scary cat cookie! What ended up happening to that!?

alyssa said...

That WAS the longest blog post ever! But I am glad I read it. Now for that, you get the longest comments ever!

I can see you hating the winter, doesn't match your sunny personality at all! however, I love the that obviously leaves me to acknowledging that I must be a big GRUMP! My SAD comes in summer ;) Hahaha!

OK I love Jim love love!!! hot pockeett!! Also, I have made many purchases that after the fact I am like, "uhh Alyssa...why did you even buy that, that was pretty DUMB!" But usually not that expensive (except when it happends at TARGET!). I also think that your snowman cookie is the cuterest!!! I was lame this year and had no time for my annual Christmas baking fest...I am a sad panda.

Alssooo...thank you for the "shout out" - we must do that again. And, I totally had the ice cream/hot cocoa floats the next day with some friends that came over - HAH!!! Sorry Stephy, totally stole that! :)

PS, love The Soup! John did a GREAT job!!!!

Sarah said...

I am very glad you decided to come back to the internets at the same time I did! So much to comment on....
1. Your hair looks awesome, I have always wanted to be blond, weird i know.
2.Christmas Tree Lane looks so cool! I wish they had something like that around here!
3. nom nom nom cookies!!!
4. I LOVE the framed cartoon of spagetti cat, oh my god I just smiled so big when I saw that!!!
Glad you are back hon!

Tristan said...

I've missed reading your must keep a sickly preggo entertained..;)

Love the reminds me of some crazy christmas movie..but i can't think of which one. The cookies are adorable..I made them with my 3 year old was interesting!

Glad you had a lovely christmas...hope you enjoy the rest of your vacay!

sohobutterfly said...

Happy Festivus! YAY for being BACK!

PS: I love Belle and Sebastian too.

bFlat said...

I'm glad you are back. I just recently found your blog and love it. Please keep writing!

Allison said...

You are so adorable. I've been on a blog hiatus myself. Not really on purpose or anything, but I know what you mean about it being harder to get back into it. Sheesh!

It sounds like you have been enjoying yourself. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself on your days off. Take care and have a fantastic new years.

*jimaie.marie* said...

Lmao!!!I for realsies peed my pants a lil when I saw how that damn cat cookie turned out--frickin hysterical! Johns spaghetti cat drawing turned out AMAZING! I love it so much :D the pic of u two on Xmas tree lane is socite! That last house is psycho pants, vann imagine their bill?! Yowsas! There are such pretty houses on that street, I wanna live there! Did you're dress ever come the mail? I wanted to see of on u! Oh and of course I'm jealous thatbi haven't been a bigger part ofbyour vacay! I wanna have some fun with my sarahboo! I miss u! You and john are SUCH CRACKHEADS for staying up so late/early last nite, whoa. HAha! Is wanna come do an all nighter! Dude, I still need to watch jim gffagan with u! Oh! Good news! Tj told me he might have the whole wknd off so we can hangout! Wooooo! Ok I'm typin on my moms iphone so it'sgetting annoying now. I'm glad u blogged! Mush! Xoxo

Shannon said...

I think everyone has kinda taken a break from the blogging world - it seems that way anyhow. So don't beat yourself up for it ;D

The Anthro dress? Looked adorable, but after you said it looked like an easter egg, I kinda saw it too haha Sorry you had to return it!

Aaaand why haven't I heard or seen spaghetti cat until now? That's hilarious! That picture he drew is awesome!

Mermanda said...

I've been MIA on my blog too... no worries! I'm just now getting to the bottom of my reader. Might start back blogging this weekend... not sure.

Anyhow! Your hair looks very cute. I think we can all relate to having a cut or color that we "hate" and then grow to love.

*CPA* Su said...

I'm gonna have to come check out Christmas Tree Lane one of these years...who even knew it existed?? Not I!

And it was so fun to meet you at our little party! You are just the sweetest, cutest thing ever! (Hey, when you get a sec will you email me the pics you took that night?? I was a dork and only got 2 pics on my camera! =( Thx!)

Steph said...

I am right there with you with the SAD! It seems like by the time I get off work there is no chance I'm going to see any sunlight except for in the car on the way into work. At least during summer on most days I would have at least an hour of light a day. Now, none. And I need to get my booty to the gym so I can at least get some artificial sunlight from the tanning beds.. but I'm too lazy to even do that!