Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scarves Up!

Wow! There were 89 girlies that signed up for "Girl, Get Your Scarf On!" Yay! How cool is that?! Talia and I were definitely surprised at the turnout so a major THANK YOU! to everyone who signed up and added the scarf button to their blog -- you guys made our little exchange a total crazy success so far! I'm so glad there's so many of you that love scarves as much as we do!

Here's how it's going to go down for those of you who signed up:
Today you'll all be getting an email from Talia. That sweetie has done the dirty work and compiled a list of everyone who commented, both from my blog and her's, Rejoicings and Ramblings, and then drew names in pairs to see who will be sending a scarf surprise to whom. The email will have "scarf exchange" in the subject line so you'll know it's not spam.

Once you receive the email and see who you've been paired up with, simply contact your scarf buddy and exchange home addresses.

Then you have until Dec. 10 to buy a brand new scarf (which should cost no more than $10 to $15) or finish knitting/crocheting a scarf and send that baby off in the mail!

I'm going to steal a line that Talia wrote on her blog about the exchange --
"And just think of all the wonderful packages that will be going in the mail soon! All those scarves going to and fro... now that is what mail should really be like."

Seriously! Way better than random bad pizza coupons or bills! Yay for fun mail & blogger buddies! I can't wait to see who my buddy is. Then I've got to get to the mall and find the perfect scarf! And of course, once I receive my special neck warmer in the mail, I'm going to snap a picture and blog about it. Are you? Hope so!

So thanks again to everyone who joined in on the fun! Couldn't have done this without you! Duh! :) And thanks again to Johnny for making the rad button and to Talia for dreaming up this exchange and asking me to be her partner in crime! xoxo (Man, I feel like I'm giving an acceptance or something! haha)


always sunny said...

hey you big WINNER you!
email me. rachel.ann.obrien@gmail.com
and send me your address.

wooo hooooo!

Sarah said...

ooh I can waaaait!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - sooo fun. Thanks for putting this together!


La Petite Chic said...

How fun!! What a fabulous idea! Sorry I missed it, but I'll definitely partake next year :)

Tristan said...

So excited!!

Katelin said...

thank you so much for putting this together, you girls are awesome!

Vanessa said...

I signed up and posted on my blog but have not received an email with my partner's name. Should I be worried by now?


Vanessa said...

How sad! I went though all the comments and can see where some of my readers left comments, but my comment must have been eaten by Blogger. SUX! I wanted a new scarf so badly! If you have any extra peeps, hook me up?

Shellie said...

I'm definatly excited!!!

Britt said...

You know what-- I got totally worried for a sec there because I didn't get the e-mail, either. But, turns out, it went into my spam box, so maybe some people should keep a heads up for that! Hooray for scarfies!

Amanda. said...

Yayy! I'm a big scarfy nerd.
I'm totally excited
for the exchange! Thanks
bunches for putting it all