Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 25th To Me!

I have a problem - as many of us do - with living in the moment. My problem isn't exactly that I can't appreciate the moment I'm experiencing but almost that I appreciate it too much. Well, I mean that as soon as I realize how freakin amazing and wonderful the moment is, I can't help but stop appreciating the moment and compare it to other moments to come.

For example, last Christmas John and I were having such a good time with his humongous family but then I got sidetracked in my thoughts and all I could think was that all of our nephews & niece will soon be grown up and nothing will be the same. When we were hanging out with my family last Christmas, listening to classic rock and reminiscing about the concerts we've gone to, the thought suddenly popped into my head that one day our favorite artists won't be around any more and there won't be any more awesome concerts. Geez, I'm so morbid!

Anyway, what does this have to do with my birthday? Right, stay on track. After having such a super fun time on my birthday extravaganza last year, almost immediately after the celebration I thought that no future birthday would compare. And so, when planning this birthday gathering I began analyzing what we should do, comparing it to how it would go down to last year. I knew it wouldn't be the same since my sister and her bf recently moved to the beach (lucky bums!) and my buddies Rachel & Eric moved to Portland. Oh and my friend Aisling and her boy couldn't make it either.

I also felt all this pressure to do something big because it was my 25th birthday. But what to do?!?!?!?! After all of my analyzing and comparing and blah blah blah blah blah I decided to keep it low key -- Johnny, five of my best best friends and I would chow down on some deliciousness at my favorite Mexican restaurant and afterward everyone would come back to our place for some board games and drinks. Done and done!

Guess what? I had even more fun than last year! Good food, board games, amazing friends and my boy -- what more do I need?! I didn't have time to get a manicure and I didn't find the perfect dress to wear at my shindig and I didn't come up with an outrageous activity but it was absolutely totally 100 percent perfect.

And now that I'm so freakin ancient, the ripe ol age of 25 (ohmygosh. Seriously SO weird. I didn't ever even feel comfortable with 24. I feel like I should be allowed to be 23 forever. Oh well.) I think I should use the wisdom of my old age and remember from this birthday forth, not to compare moments. No two moments are the same and you can't live in the past or worry about what moments the future brings. It's all about the here and now. So wise!

Wanna see some pictures of my birthday?

me & the boy

me & jimaie

my other besties -- Britt, Dana and Megan

the boys -- Megan's bf Mike and Johnny

Yum! Cheese enchilada, rice & beans. And plenty of chips and salsa! duh! And yes, we were coloring on the paper tablecloth. So what?!

Yum again! Thanks for the drink, Maie! My fav! A strawberry dacquiri! Johnny also got the staff to sing me "happy birthday" and they presented me with another strawberry dacquiri! Whoa! Nice! I wonder what they give kids?!

Board games!

The gang!

Megan and Winnie had some fun too

And that was just Friday night. I kept celebrating my birthday all weekend long! On Saturday Johnny and I went for an awesome bike ride and then Jimaie came over and we had a pizza party. Then on Sunday Johnny and I hung out with my parents. My mom made me homemade mac & cheese (best ever!) and yummy salads! She had the table set all fancy and had gotten me some pretty pink tulips too. Oh and since it was Easter my parents also got me an Easter basket. I'm a lucky duck!

We had a wonderful day, hanging out and talking, playing board games, walking the dog and watching Jim Gaffigan's first DVD. Oooh and my dad made homemade icecream and my mom made me a marble cake! Yummers!

On Monday (my real birthday) Johnny and I both took the day off of work. We slept in, then went out for breakfast at Denny's. Oh my yum! Johnny makes fun of me for loving Denny's but they seriously have the best French Toast! We ran a million errands and then came home and relaxed. Next I took the relaxing to the next level and went to get a mani/pedi and afterwards we went out to dinner for Indian food.

Yay for birthdays! Tell me about one of your favorite birthday celebrations!


Shellie said...

Sometimes I wish I was you! this would be one of the times! Happy Birthday Sarah! you are beautiful and fun and have such great taste!!!

Sarah said...

happy birthday!! this post makes me hungry :)

design gal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! Oh, how I love your blog! I totally agree with Shellie- you're fun and beautiful! I hope you had a great day! And hey, don't be dissin' 25! I'll be 27 this fall! AHHHHH!!!


Tristan said...

YUM-O! this may sound all weird, BUT I was shopping yesterday and seen this really light-weight scarf and it was all crazy colorful..and I though..Um that girl Sarah needs because it was your birthday :)

See Sherm Blog said...

Happy happy Birthday Miss Sarah Marie P!!!! So glad you had an awesome weekend. :-)

apricot tea. said...

Aw, happy (belated) birthday, Sarah! I'm still tripping on the fact that you're 25. I'll probably always think you're 23. ;]

Mermanda said...

Glad you enjoyed your big birthday weekend. I didn't really celebrate my 25th because I was really under the weather. So maybe I should rock the hell out of 26. (Holy crap. Am I going to be 26?)

Amber said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!

That sounds like a FABULOUS way to spend a birthday. Honestly, just hanging out and playing board games can be SO SO fun! And all that food looks super yummy!

alyssa said...

I can never figure out what to do for my birthday and always end up doing something not so fun...sounds like YOU had a good time! I will only be 24 this year...still, YIKES. Oh yeah and I really love your yellow table!!! :D :D

*jimaie.marie* said...

i am STARVING right now and this post made me droooool. Mexican food AND mama pittman food? YES PLEASE! I think it's so sweet how your mom made such a special birthday for you, i love it!
I also love the array of crazy insane looks/faces in these pictures from your bday party LOL! loves it. insaaaane in the membrane.
You're a doll and i'm so glad you had fun on your bday, i can't believe you're 25 either!! B/c that means my bday is quickly approaching, aaack! ;D
i love you!!

sohobutterfly said...

It was my birthday this weekend too! Lucky us!! Looks like you had lots of fun - more fun than me, that's for sure!

Home2k9 said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend... one of my favorite birthdays was a surprise party that was thrown for me. I LOVE surprises, but am rarely surprised.

Katelin said...

happy belated birthday!!!

looks like a most fabulous event, glad you had so much fun.

Sarah said...

How fun!You did your 25 b-day up right!! and hello...YUM!

Talia said...

happy belated birthday Miss Sarah Marie!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and it was everything a birthday should be. Yay!! I LOVE the shirt you wore for your first birthday gathering. 'Tis beautiful. And so are you!!

I never blogged about this, because I'm so terribly behind, but for my 25th in January my sweet sis-in-law actually threw me a surprise party. It was amazing and wonderful! Hmmm, after reading about your lovely 25th birthday it kind of makes me want to blog about mine. It's not too late, right?? :)

I'm so happy you're blogging! I always love your posts, friend!