Friday, May 7, 2010

Home, let me come home. Home is wherever I'm with you

Just a bit over three months ago John and I (and the pup and kitties, of course) moved into a new (to us) condo in a new (to us) part of town. This marks the third place the boy and I have lived together in the two and half years we've been married and nearly five years we've lived together. Whew, lots of numbers and stats!

When John and I first moved in together back in 2005 we didn't really care what the place looked like, that it had ugly brown carpet and a funky kitchen or that it was located right on a busy street, in front of a bus stop and down the street from a firehouse.We were just excited to both be living on our own for the first times in our lives and thrilled to be embarking on this big adventure together. 

Me being a nerd in my funky, fugly kitchen! I am soooo happy there's no longer a "Pulp Fiction" poster in our dining room! Aww, we're all grown up now!

We grew to love that funky kitchen and the busy, bustling street faded into a tolerable background noise. (Ok, fine I never ever loved the sound of the fire truck pulling out of the station with its sirens blazing and I never grew fond of the motorcyclists revving their engines or whatever they were doing to show off by making too much damn noise.) Late at night I liked stepping out on our deck and looking out at the busy street that had become oh so quiet, watching the street light change colors for cars that weren't there. I loved the trees and leaves covering up our bedroom and office windows and the tree right outside our deck. I loved coming home from work to relax on the couch and watch twilight and the gorgeous Fresno sunsets take over the sky. Our apartment was located right above one of the complex's laundry rooms and I loved lying in bed, listening to the comforting rhythm of the dryers. I loved walking by the laundry room and smelling the scent of dryer sheets drift through the air.

But after nearly three and half years we had outgrown the little apartment on Fresno street. They had chopped down a few trees in front and chopped down all of the trees covering the bedroom and office windows (although I did grow to love looking out over the complex parking lot at night while admiring the moon). The apartment management had gone totally downhill and we had dealt with one too many crappy neighbors. After searching and searching we finally found the perfect new home for us and were so excited to move into our new (to us), single level condo with the funky, beachy-y turquoise carpet.  

John and I were forced to leave our second little home after just a year and three months because our landlord lost her job and needed to put the place up for a short sale. I blogged about this last June but then you never heard from me again about the new home search because some people put an offer on the condo right away and we thought we were going to get to stay put, just with different landlords. Right after the offer was finally accepted, the buyers backed out and our landlord contacted us a few days after Christmas to say she had to put the place back on the market -- which meant we had to return to house hunting.

After about two or three weeks of frantically checking Craigslist multiple times a day and checking out three houses for rent, three condos, one apartment complex and a townhouse in person (and of course, freaking out that we'd never find a place we both liked), John and I found our third little home in the form of an upstairs condo.  

It was still quite strange to leave our second little home because we didn't want to move; it wasn't something we hoped for or dreamed about. Instead, in a very real way we were being forced out. Still, moving this time around wasn't as bittersweet as the first move because our first wonderfully crappy apartment will always hold an extra special place in our hearts. Of course, that didn't stop me from crying a bit about leaving the condo! ( I am just SO good at crying!) 

What I miss about the first condo: the super high ceilings and the exposed beams in the living room and master bedroom, the extra large master bedroom, the brick fireplace, our cute little patio and the fact that it was single level and therefore we could jump up and down anytime we pleased and not worry about downstairs neighbors.

Charlie chilling on the patio.  I love when the pets look like noble beasts! 

That being said, after three months, the new condo feels like home. We have grown quite attached to it and I think it's our favorite place yet! We love that the condo also has vaulted ceilings, a fireplace and faux-wood blinds as well as taupe walls mixed in with the white walls. In addition, it also features laminate faux-hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining room,  lovely ceiling fans in the living room and bedroom, a huge deck with a skylight, a bigger walk in closet, a bigger pantry and more storage space and best of all -- tons of windows and trees! I feel like Anne of Green Gables in that I need trees! (I keep Goggling to find a passage where Anne says something like this and I can't find it, but I swear she absolutely loves trees!)

After moving from our first apartment, I had really been missing seeing the sky from the view of a second story. (Living in the previous condo, for the most part our windows looked out at other people's condos and our patio.) And although living above someone else once again has brought on a whole slew of problems (OK, maybe just one big problem named Joyce, but that's a story for another post), I absolutely adore looking out the window of the bedroom, office and living room at all the lovely green trees, feeling like we live up in the sky in a cozy tree house. I think it's kind of neat we moved in at the beginning of February when the branches were all naked because we had spring's cotton-like blossoms and summer's leafy goodness to look forward to. I'm sure fall will be quite marvelous as well! I love preparing dinner or just hanging out in the kitchen while enjoying the evening sky's swirling clouds and colors. 

Want to see a few pictures of the new place? Here ya go!

View from the office window (although now the blossoms have turned into green, green leaves)

Living room

Close-up of the new curtains

View from the couch

Dining room 

I like lots of pretty stuff on my counters! Yay clutter!

Bedroom (please ignore the random pile on the dresser! That's bad clutter.) Hurray for another set of new curtains courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

The view from the deck. See that water reservoir off in the distance? We pretend we live close to our very own little lake!

Fresno may have lots of yucky pollution, but it also means we have killer sunsets! 

What's your favorite thing about your home?


librarymoth said...

LOVE! Just love this apartment. It's not just the supercute details (die for your bathroom mirrors and faux distressed cabinets... or really, cabinets that are, ya know, level) but that homey feeling you get when you walk in the door. You know Izzy made herself right at home. :-)

alyssa said...

I just wanted you to know I read this entire blog on my phone! My eyes were kind of bleeding but that's ok :) I just love you place and I am glad I have actually been there! So, so adorable :D

Sarah said...

I loved this post so much because a) yay you are blogging b) I always wondered what happened with your old condo c) I wanted to see where you guys are living now (not in a stalker way of course)
-but really beautiful description of your funky little apartment, made me feel warm and fuzzy. But wowee, I love your new place!
My favorite thing about our place is that it is where we brought Franker home to. In some ways he made us more of a family and those first few months with him were so exciting and new and I will miss this place when we move because of those memories.

Tempting Weddings said...

i thought you lived in SF? ok i must be crazy. i gone several times thru fresnic, email me your phone i love to see you and john for a cocktail. Next time will be next winter when we go camping again, but winter will come soon! new digs looks very charming.

steph anne said...

Wow, I love the high exposed ceilings! I'd love to have a house with exposed ceilings some day probably right on the beach. The pictures of your condo now are gorgeous! You have good taste in everything. <3

Sara McGinness said...

I love the new place but I think it has a lot to do with the way you decorate, you have such a great style and it feels so welcome-y and like a home. Plus I love the trees and that view!! My favorite thing about my home is my huge master bedroom suite with a gigantic bathroom and walk-in closet. I also really love having a backyard and no neighbors behind us!

.jimaie.marie. said...

omg, the pulp fiction poster!!!!! i had almost forgotten, oh man- hilarious!
also, that picture of charlie on the patio CRACKED ME UP. Noble sir indeed!

i love that you said "yay clutter!" b/c you know i love the clutter too :D i think it has something to do with our mama's lovin da clutter, it feels like home to us! <3

i love that each place you have lived in has felt like home to me as well, you know since i spend so much dang time there! haha
no, but your sense of style has definitely evolved from your first home together to now and i think that's so fun to look back on! your apt now is so beautiful and homey and it's not only the pretty little details that came with the apt, like the distressed cabnitry, beautiful wood floors and high ceilings but it's for sure the way you chose to decorate that brings everything together into perfection. Your home is by far my favorite home away from home! <3

.jimaie.marie. said...

hahah, i totally forgot to mention the fact that i LOL when i saw you mentioned Joyce, how HILARIOUS would it be if she somehow found this post one day? And the post you write later!!! ohhhh man, that would be awesome, that old bat is crazy!

Gainesville apartment said...

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Lakisha Zimmerer said...

Hi there, Sarah! The best thing about your house is a cabinet of books. =) Thanks for the tour at your new place! It’s wonderful. The window pane in your office area looked like it’s made of small picture frames. I can imagine you and John watching the sunset together and saying, “My home is where you heart is!” Keep us posted! -Lakisha Zimmerer

Leona Gladen said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Charlie seemed to be proud of his new home and his foster parents. ^_^ Your house isn’t bad at all. I find it beautiful, cozy and homey. Maybe some places need a bit of work, but overall, it's a fine home! How are you doing now? Have you made any reno projects on the place?
-Leona Gladen