Friday, June 25, 2010

Wooed By A Tomato Red Espadrille Wedge

It was love at first sight. So classic, so pretty. You won me over with your vintage charm. And the perfect height (just 1 inch).

These cuties are also available in black, nautical and emerald -- but I knew tomato was the one for me. (Although I certainly wouldn't be opposed to owning every color!)

Thank you Marais USA for being so rad. I may have already developed another crush.


*CPA* Su said...

You really have a knack for finding AMAZING shoes ALL.THE.TIME!! SO cute!!

Morgan said...

Those are the cutest things EVER!!! I love the color. Absolutely love it.

paperlilley said...

these are super cute! such a fun summer color too :)

steph anne said...

Cute! I could never look good in those shoes and you look fabulous in them!

RW said...

Hi Sarah, did you find these true to size? I've heard many people say that they're very narrow and that they wish they went up half a size. Thanks!

sarah marie p said...


You're right -- these shoes are quite narrow. Unfortunately the only half sizes offered are 7.5 and 8.5 -- and I wear a 9. If a 9 1/2 was available I would have ordered it.

I just checked out the Marais USA site and the description of the sandals says "We’ve restocked and revamped" the sandals. "Fits true to size. If you waver between sizes, we recommend ordering a ½ size down."

WHAT! Hmm By saying that they've "revamped" the sandals, I wonder if they've taken the narrow complaints into considerations? Otherwise, it's so odd they would recommend ordering a half size smaller! I would email or call Marais about that.