Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Finds

One Saturday last month Alyssa and her boy Chris drove down from Bakersfield to visit me and John and hit up some antiquing. My bestie Britt was also in town from West Hollywood so we decided to join forces for a day of fun. Hurray! Combining friends from different walks of life (Alyssa was once a bloggy friend I met through Steph Corwin but has become one of my closest real-life friends. I've known Britt for over six years since we first started working together at a boutique in the Tower District.) is a total win-win situation because my friends are all big-o-sweetiehearts. Love my girls! <3

We enjoyed sandwiches, fries and crepes at Le Parisian Cafe and then explored several antique shops in Old Town Clovis. After we were all shopped out we took a break for some yummy homemade ice cream at a darling old fashioned ice cream parlor in Old Town. (Seriously the biggest scoops ever! I couldn't finish mine! And I was totally jealous of the banana split Chris and Alyssa split.)

Next we headed back to our condo and chilled out with a beer (Malibu Bay Breeze for me) and a game of Scattergories. We ended the night with some delish Mexican food at Sal's. Yay! 

We had such a good time that I forgot to take any pictures of our day. Boo! Good thing I picked up some souvenirs at the antique shops! 

Here are my nifty thrifty finds. Well, they weren't really thrifty because they came from (pricier) antique shops rather than thrift stores, but they sure are nifty! 

sugar bowl & creamer

another cutie creamer.

Little owlie (on the left) to add to my collection.

After antiquing I kind of became a little obsessed with searching eBay for vintage figures.
Here's a really silly Boston Terrier figurine that I paid way too much money for. 

Alyssa and her love of deer inspired me to bid on this girlie fawn. I love her flowers and bow! Eeek!

Alyssa is so good at finding cute vintage stuff online that she even tracks down stuff for other people. One day she emailed me a link to this cute critter (on the left) from Etsy and I knew I had to make this weather owl mine. Apparently these "weather owls" once changed colors, sort of like a mood ring? She doesn't seem to any more, but I still love her!

Thanks to Alyssa, Chris & Britt for a wonderful day! Come back and see us soon! Or move next door. Ha. No, but really.

What's the last neato-burrito find you found for yourself at a thrift store or antique shop? What's your thrifting/ antiquing strategy? Do you go looking for any specific collectables?


steph anne said...

You've got some really awesome thrifty finds!! I don't think I have a great eye for looking at these kind of things until someone will point at them for me to see. I should go shopping with you next time I'm in California! :P

alyssa said...

Yay for antiquing! We had so much fun and I'm glad we came up for the day :) I'd forgotten about all the cute stuff you got, I love it all!!! We need to do this again asap!

Katelin said...

oh my goodness i LOVE those owls, so so cute.

.jimaie.marie. said...

I seriously freaking love those all the little animals you got, like A LOT. That dang boston terrier figurine is so ridic!!! i want to pinch it. Wait, that's weird.

Finding thrifty treasures is such a fantastic feeling! So exciting!!

Shannon said...

Such cute finds! I'm obsessed with owls and critter figurines, too. I would have loved to go thrifting with you all!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I'm obsessed with thrifting, so I LOVE ALL OF THIS.

Sarah said...

wow, I want a weather owl! How cute! It sounds like such a lovely day. We need to get some nifty thrifty finds together one day!!