Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Are My Faith & I Love You

September 23, 2010. Three years ago today my darling boy John and I were married at a cute little park overlooking the ocean near Cambria, Calif. I walked down the aisle by myself with my hair in a bumped-up up-do, a bunch of faux-pearl necklaces and a pink plastic bracelet on my wrist while my dad played "Here Comes The Sun" on his guitar. John was waiting for me at the end of the isle, all dressed up, even down to his toes. Johnny wears flip flops as often as he can -- even when it's raining -- but he insisted on wearing fancy-pants dress shoes. We encouraged him to wear his Rainbows, but he was having no such thing. He takes marriage seriously, yo.

Six years ago today John showed up to my parents' house with a single pink rose to take me on our very first date. I remember answering the door wearing just one shoe or something silly like that because I wasn't ready to go yet. I say he was early and John swears he was right on time. I guess we'll never know! Because John had found out I was a vegetarian (and he didn't know at first whether it was a date or just a hang out between friends) he took me to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I remember being too nervous to eat much. (And that is a crime because Sweet Ts is full of all sorts of yummy goodness!) Afterward, we bought tickets to see "Hero" and -- as if John had planned it -- we found that we had the entire theater to ourselves.

It's so crazy to think that John and I have now been married longer than we ever dated.

A blog that I've recently started reading called "Love, H" has this great description in the side bar that I must share. It says "My husband and I are in this middle of a really great chapter right now. It is the chapter before we have kids." Ahh, I just love that! I really like the idea of our love story having different chapters. The quote reminds me to enjoy each "chapter" rather than wishing for the next phase of our life to start.

I hope that John and I fill the rest of "this chapter" with lots of love, laughter, photos, inside jokes, new favorite songs and nicknames, cuddles, and adventures.

I just love life with this boy and I can't wait to see what the next year, three years, six years and on and on bring! 

 Last year John and I exchanged mix CDs and cards rather than purchasing gifts because we once again splurged on renting a beach house in Cambria for the weekend and brought home our new puppy the weekend after that. This year we continued the tradition of mix CDs and cards because I'm insisting on going back to that exact beach house for a late anniversary trip (Oh, and now we have lots of vet bills!). 

Mix CDs are so sweet and simple and really remind me of the beginning of a relationship. John bragged that his mix CD was going to kick some booty and he didn't disappoint. His mix features tunes from my favorites -- Beck, Belle & Sebastian, and The Smiths ... along with Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Flaming Lips, MC Solaar, Paul Simon and a bunch of other good stuff. I love that John and I both included the same Cure song ("Close to Me") on our mixes and we both included tunes by Louie Armstrong. You know your guy is a keeper if he gives you a mix that features "Good Morning" from the 1952 musical "Singin' in the Rain" along with your guilty pleasure song, Katy Perry's "California Gurls."

Johnnypie, you are totally a keeper. Love you! xoxo

How do you guys celebrate anniversaries?

p.s. A shout out to our anniversary twins, Morgan and Justin! Sept. 23 really is the best day! And the 23rd is pretty swell in general -- my parents were married on April 23 and Alyssa and Chris are getting married on October 23!


Sarah said...

congrats! you two are so adorable :)

Hillary said...

happy 3 years!!

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Congrats, love birds! Chris and I just celebrated two years and are also enjoying this chapter :-)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Happy Anniversary, love. I ADORE that quote! You guys are in the middle of your chapter and you seem incredibly happy and that's so special.

I think taking special little anniversary trips are better than exchanging extravagant gifts anyways! Enjoy your time away :-)

Johnny said...

That was the sweetest post ever, Honey! I smiled BIG the entire time I read it. Lovin' this chapter in our lives more than any chapter before. Which leads me to believe that I'll love our next one more than even this one.

It's nice to know that your life is only going to get better and better. So glad I married you! Love you HoneyBoop!

Johnny said...

P.S. I've had Sarah's sweetass mixed CD on repeat since she gave it to me. It easily rivals (and sometimes trumps) the awesomeness that was mine. :)

Sarah said...

congratulations you two! Mix tapes, errr cd's are such a lovely little time capsule gift

Katelin said...

aw you are adorable, happy belated anniversary!! :)

ashley said...

awww happy anniversary a couple of weeks late!

.jimaie.marie. said...

i love you guys oh so much, you're my favorites! I know it's a million weeks late but I just had to comment and say Happy Anniversary and that I'm over the moon happy (and thankful!) that you two found each other, xoxo