Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fall

Although September in Fresno ended with a heatwave of  four 100-degree days in a row and October began with 93 degree and 96 degrees days, it finally feels like fall around here thanks to the past four days boasting highs between 67-73 degrees. Along with the slightly colder than average weather, Fresno has gotten tons of clouds along with a bit of thunder, lightening and rain.

And yes, I'm talking about the weather again. How boring can you get, right!? You're probably wondering why I didn't pursue a career as a weather girl. I seem to be oh so fascinated with the subject.  But I was starting to get really concerned, you guys! It seriously felt like fall was never ever going to arrive. Ever. Never ever ever ever. This could have been a major international crisis. (Well, you know, it probably already is. Global warming and all that business.) I had tried to have a good attitude about the weather all summer long but by that point I had had enough! I was putting my foot down. Enough, I said!

These past gray days have been such a treat because I honestly don't remember the last time it rained here. There's just nothing like falling asleep listening to the rain on the roof and the thunder off in the distance. Is there actually a person out there who doesn't like falling asleep to the rain?!

Along with reveling in the fact that I was able to write this post in my flannel pajama pants and hoodie along with a mug of hot chocolate without dying of a heat stroke, here's a few ways I've been getting in the autumn spirit this past week:

Enjoying storm clouds from the comfort of my (covered) balcony 

Busting out my DIY fall wreath

Fixing veggie chili and cornbread for dinner 


Purchasing a fall bouquet from Trader Joe's

And picking out a new fall nail polish. (From OPI's Swiss collection, Ski Teal We Drop.)

How have you been ringing in the season?


doniree said...

I love that wreath! So pretty :) I've been ringing it in with a visit back to the Midwest where fall is AMAZING, and with new boots, open windows, and warm cozy root vegetable meals! :) Happy fall to you, my dear!

*CPA* Su said...

I know how you felt - I felt like fall was NEVER going to arrive too! My sweaters and scarves where SCREAMING at me to weat them, but how could I when it was 100 degrees out! I've immensly enjoyed this past week though!! I hope the cool weather is here to stay!

And I LOVE that nail color...I think I need it! ;-)

*CPA* Su said...

*wear not weat

should have spell-checked BEFORE I hit publish! :)

Sara McGinness said...

I LOVE FALL! For me just busting out my scarves signals the start of fall and makes me so happy. Also getting to wear cardigans.

I love your DIY wreath, so cute. Also I have been looking for a cute teal nail polish and I am so going to have to get that OPI color. I love it.

Sarah said...

I love fall too but weather here is finicky at best. One day it will rain the next day it will be 80 degrees. Make up your mind already weather!

.jimaie.marie. said...

I love the wreath you made and whenever I see yours hanging on your door I smile, makes me wish I would've made one with you, What the heck!
That makes me want to go back and find the blog post you did when you made that wreath, back in the old apartment! :)