Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking Out At The Road Rushing Under My Wheels

 My last two posts (if you can remember back that far) have been related to cars -- and so is this one. To me, this topic is more thrilling than a fender bender or a new vehicle.  After years of dreaming about it, John and I are hitting the pavement in June for our first major road trip! 

When I was about 10 or 11, my mom, dad, little sister Amy and I squeezed into our little Toyota Camry and journeyed from Fresno, Calif., to New Mexico for a big family reunion. A few years later we traveled with our neighbors and good friends The Kliewers to Arizona and Utah to camp at the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. 

Something about New Mexico has stuck with me and I've been wanting to go back for the longest time. I've also told John (and anyone else who's never been) that they just must experience hiking through the Zion Narrows.

In June John and I will get the chance to combine both of these destinations with a little trek through the American Southwest. Along the way we'll hit up Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona before heading back to California. 

Late last week John and I put in our vacation requests. Once that was taken care of, the road trip became a lot more real. After all of this talk of "I wish we could," it began to feel like it was actually going to happen! Since then we've finalized nearly all of our reservations. It's official now! No turning back!

Oh, and one more thing -- we're also bringing Abbie along for the trip so this should really be an interesting adventure! I cannot wait to get on the road! Eeeee!

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Steph said...

How fun!! Gosh I can't wait to hear all about it!

Ashley said...

Oh, YAY!

Mike and I had such an amazing time and so many great memories from our road trip two years ago and I know you'll enjoy it SO much. :)

Alyssa said...

I just remembered I purchased a book on road trips a few months back - I will have to let you borrow it! It's a pretty rad book :)

I am so jealous, I have yet to go on a road trip and Chris and I have also talked about doing it forever. Actually OR/WA was our plan for a road trip but then we got married and it was a perfect trip for a honeymoon :)

Katelin said...

oh so fun, i love road trips so so much!

can't wait to hear about the adventure, woo.

Trysha said...

What area of New Mexico? I'm in SouthEastern NM, Carlsbad. We have caves. :)

Sarah said...

wow, how fun will that be?! I'm excited for you guys and can't wait to see all the great pictures!