Monday, May 16, 2011

It all depends. When do you want to die? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?

What do a Barbie doll, an eye patch, plastic swords, yellow tennis shoes, red paint and a bathrobe have in common? These props were all used in our latest swede for Fresno's Swede Fest 7.

The festival, which was held on Saturday, drew a great turnout and featured 25 swedes (the most yet!), including our three-minute swede of the 2003 Quentin Tarantino film “Kill Bill” volume 1.

Six months ago I told you guys all about Swede Fest 6 and our swede for the “Breakfast Club.” Swede Fest is the only film festival in the world dedicated to sweded films. The event was inspired by the 2008 film "Be Kind Rewind," in which Jack Black's character and his buddy recreate damaged movies for a VHS store, claiming that the flicks have been imported from Sweden.

After sweding one of my favorite John Hughes movies last time, it was fun to do one of John’s favorite flicks this time around.

I had the honor of playing the starring role of The Bride, Beatrix Kiddo (code name “Black Mamba”). Because The Bride is a total badass assassin and kung fu master -- and I'm the least athletic person ever, I was a little nervous about taking on the role. Uma Thurman prepared for the role by spending three months training in martial arts, swordsmanship and Japanese. I had this fantasy of becoming super fit by taking kung fu lessons (or at least doing the "30 Day Shred" all the time or something) to transform into The Bride but that totally didn't happen. I might have recently done the "30 Day Shred" once or twice ... and practiced sword fighting with a ruler in the living room.

Thankfully I was able to pull off the role thanks to John's awesome editing skills -- and my trusty stunt double Barbie doll.

Our "Kill Bill Sweded" cast featured our "Breakfast Club Sweded" crew (me and John along with Adrian, Megan, Adam and Joe) along with a bunch of other friends – Jimaie, Dana, Steve, Brenda and Rafael. Once again we had such a blast filming the swede and it was so fun to have even more of our buddies involved! I never thought I'd one day fist-fight Dana or fight-to-the-death with Jimaie while using a frying pan and butcher knife. (As you can see in the bloopers, it's a good thing Jimaie actually used a butter knife!)  

You’ll only catch John briefly in two cameos in the swede. That’s because he was busy going above and beyond as our director, costume designer, prop guy, sound engineer & editing master. 

Here's our swede:

Here's our blooper reel:

To compare, click here to watch the original 2003 trailer. 

Watch our "Breakfast Club" swede here

Click here for Swede Fest's website. The rest of the Swede Fest 7 entries should be uploaded soon!


Sara McGinness said...

that is so awesome. You were amazing!

steph anne said...

OMG, I loved watching the video & blooper reel! You & Jimaie did great!!! :)

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

That was SO awesome!!

Steph said...

This seriously rocked! Cale and I watched last night, and we're totally impressed with both yours and Jimaie's performances and with John's wonderful directorial skills :)

Alyssa said...

Bahaha, that was so funny! It was cool to see some of it when we were there so we knew how you did some of this stuff! The bloopers cracked me up :) Good job John!!!

.jimaie.marie. said...

This was seriously SO much fun to be a part of, I felt honored that you guys asked me!! :D John has some kick butt director and editor skills, FO' REALS. FO REALLLLLS!!