Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don't leave, leaves!

I'm not ready to say goodbye to fall yet. Which is kind of funny because I didn't want summer and its gloriously long days to end. Now that I've come to terms with being greeted by pitch darkness when I get out of work, I'm really enjoying scarves + boots + pumpkin-flavored goodies and candles + reuniting with jeans + cuddling under blankets + cozy slippers + soup + cider + hot chocolate + new jackets and all of the other wonderful stuff that everyone can't help but adore about fall. 

Although technically the first day of winter isn't until Dec. 22, to me it seems as though the first day of winter is really when the leaves are gone and we're left with naked trees and gray skies.

Of course you can still enjoy scarves + boots + soup in the winter, but what about the oh so happy, delightfully colorful LEAVES?!

I suppose the good news is that next year we'll have another summer and another fall. So cheesy but it's true! :) And if the leaves didn't fall off we wouldn't be able to look forward to spring and all of the pretty blossoms and flowers. This reminds me of one of my favorite books from my childhood -- Over and Over. Does anyone else remember reading that as a kid? I love the darling illustrations in that book! So sweet.

The other good news is that after Dec. 22, the days start getting longer again! Hurray! In the meantime I think I'll try and enjoy these long nights while they're here -- put on some cozy socks and a Christmas CD, layer another blanket on the bed, show off my new scarf, and sip another cup of hot cider. Who knows, in a month or so I may be saying that I'm not ready for winter and these cozy nights to go!

All of the trees in our condo complex were a big part of our decision to move here. (I can't believe it's been almost two years!) I think we lucked out and live in the section of the complex with the best trees!

View from the kitchen/dining room. That tree makes doing the dishes way more enjoyable!

What is your favorite season? It really is tough to pick just one!


Sarah said...

I love your outlook! Your right, without winter we wouldn't get spring and summer back. I find that as I get older I have a better appreciation for all of the season, whereas I used to be a pure summer girl for the longest time-it is still my favorite though ;)

.jimaie.marie. said...

oh my gosh SARAH. I was reading the part where you talked about the view from your kitchen whilst doing the dishes AND I COULD NOT PICTURE YOUR KITCHEN! This is a problem, it has *clearly* been too long since I've seen you :(
The leaves are my most favorite part of autumn!!! Isaiah's school is in a GORGEOUS neighborhood that is full of amazing trees and color everywhere, it's stunning. I was so sad that when we came back into town after Thanksgiving and I took him to school that 90% of the leaves had fallen :( But it is true what you say, without them falling we wouldn't get to see new life in spring! This post contained the exact spirit of what I love best about you- your amazing outlook on life!!!! I love you friend, good for you spreading positivity & appreciation for the cycle of life <3 I think we could all use to stop & appreciate it!