Friday, December 9, 2011

How to make a yarn wreath in just 365 or so days

Last year I was so inspired by the yarn wreaths other bloggers were making that I headed to Michael's to gather supplies to make my own yarn wreath. Everyone else must have been inspired too because all of the straw wreath forms were sold out except the very smallest size. I took one home but ended up exchanging it  for a huge straw wreath ... which I exchanged for a Styrofoam wreath form, which I again returned. After a while John refused to come to the craft store with me, even when I bribed him with homemade lemon cupcakes. Every time I went to Michael's or Jo-Ann's the wreath I wanted was always sold out so I finally ordered the perfect size online -- not too big and not too small, the Goldilocks version of a wreath form. I bought yarn and - you guessed it - ending up exchanging it for another type of yarn. Yes, I know that I'm ridiculous and really good at returning/exchanging crap.

Some girls say you can wrap a yarn wreath while watching a TV show or two. And maybe that's true. But, it can also take you an entire year to finish if you're super skilled at procrastinating. To be fair, this was a 14-inch wreath rather than an 8-inch wreath, but I guess that's not really a good excuse. When I didn't complete it in time for Christmas 2010, rather than just finishing the dang project like a normal person, I put the wreath away in a closet and forgot about it until November. After finally finishing wrapping that darn yarn, I set it aside for a few more weeks until I finally got out my felt last weekend and made some flowers using Mrs Priss' genius felt tutorials

But, one year later, I did it! Ta da! I made a wreath! 

Felt goodies! 

Have you made anything crafty recently?


*CPA* Su said...

Sometimes it takes a while to get something JUST right! ;-) I, too, can return things like a pro...drives my husband crazy - they just don't understand!

Your wreath is SUPER cute!!! Makes me want to make year! HA!

librarymoth said...

Ahh! So worth the wait! It's darling. I think all your indecision about colors and form paid off in wreath awesomeness.

Katelin said...

oh it's so cute! nicely done miss crafty :)

Tristan said...

girl,you need to blog more..seriously.

that wreath looks amazing..go you!!!

we are doing the 25 days of christmas again here,so we are doing somewhat craftiness everyday!

Sarah said...

It turned out so cute! Well done, well worth the wait!

.jimaie.marie. said...

hahah, the title of this post cracked me up! I agree with the others, it was SO worth the wait! I freaking love the colors you chose- it's SO CUTE!! I was thinking that I wanted to make one for my mom for Christmas but holy moly, I'm having such a hard time trying to decide which colors she would like! I think the decision making part of the wreath just may be the hardest part of all!

Alyssa said...

This post cracked me up!!!! It took me forever to finish mine too, and mostly because I felt like it was just way too time consuming and kind of boring to make. And I never really found the perfect flower/embellishment idea to finish it up. OH WELL.

Katrina {} said...

SO funny Sarah! And so darn cute! Love it. :)